Vagrant v2.2.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-02-27 // over 1 year ago

    • core/triggers: Introduce new option :type for actions, hooks, and commands [GH-10615]


    • ⚡️ communicator/ssh: Update #upload behavior to work properly with new sshd path checks [GH-10698]
    • ⚡️ communicator/winrm: Update #upload behavior to match ssh communicator upload behavior [GH-10698]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Add reboot output to guest capability [GH-10638]
    • ♻️ provisioner/file: Refactor path modification rules and allow communicator to handle details [GH-10698]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🔌 core: Fix format finalization of plugins in Vagrantfile [GH-10664]
    • core: Fix SIGINT behavior and prevent backtrace [GH-10666]
    • core: Change remaining box_client_cert refs to box_download_client_cert [GH-10622]
    • 🚚 core: Move over AddAuthentication middleware and hooks out of deprecated class [GH-10686]
    • guest/debian: Properly set DHCP for systemd-networkd ips [GH-10586]
    • 🔧 guest/solaris11: Create interface if required before configuration [GH-10595]
    • installers/appimage: Use ld path with appimage libs on suffix [GH-10647]
    • 🐳 providers/docker: Expand paths when comparing synced folders on reload [GH-10645]
    • 🏁 providers/virtualbox: Fix import paths on Windows with VirtualBox 6 [GH-10629]
    • 🔀 synced_folders/rsync: Properly clean up tmp folder created during rsync [GH-10690]