For the current status of Volt, read: http://voltframework.com/blog

Volt is a Ruby web framework where your Ruby code runs on both the server and the client (via Opal). The DOM automatically updates as the user interacts with the page. Page state can be stored in the URL. If the user hits a URL directly, the HTML will first be rendered on the server for faster load times and easier indexing by search engines. Subsequent local page interactions will be rendered on the client.

Instead of syncing data between the client and server via HTTP, Volt uses a persistent connection between the client and server. When data is updated on one client, it is updated in the database and any other listening clients (with almost no setup code needed).

Page HTML is written in a templating language where you can put Ruby between {{ and }}. Volt uses data flow/reactive programming to automatically and intelligently propagate changes to the DOM (or to any other code that wants to know when a value has changed). When something in the DOM changes, Volt intelligently updates only the DOM nodes that need to be changed.

See some demo videos here:

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