WebMock v1.19.0 Release Notes

    • Fixed issue with Excon adapter giving warning message when redirects middleware was enabled.

      Thanks to Theo Hultberg for reporting that.

    • Fixed issue with undefined method 'valid_request_keys' for Excon::Utils:Module

      Thanks to Pablo Jairala

    • Fixed query mapper to encode 'one' => ['1','2'] as 'one[]=1&one[]=2'.

      Thanks to Insoo Buzz Jung

    • Improved cookies support for em-http-request

      Thanks to Carlos Alonso Pérez

    • Fix HTTP Gem adapter to ensure uri attribute is set on response object.

      Thanks to Aleksey V. Zapparov

    • Fixed HTTPClient adapter. The response header now receives request_method, request_uri, and request_query transferred from request header

      Thanks to trlorenz

    • Query mapper supports nested data structures i.e. {"first" => [{"two" => [{"three" => "four"}, "five"]}]}

      Thanks to Alexander Simonov

    • Fixed compatibility with latest versions of Excon which don't define VALID_REQUEST_KEYS anymore.

      Thanks to Pablo Jairala

    • Request method is always a symbol is request signatures. This fixes the issue of WebMock not matching Typhoeus requests with request method defined as string.

      Thanks to Thorbjørn Hermanse

    • Stubbing instructions which are displayed when no matching stub is found, can be disabled with Config.instance.show_stubbing_instructions = false

      Thanks to Mark Lorenz

    • Notation used for mapping query strings to data structure can be configured i.e. WebMock::Config.instance.query_values_notation = :subscript. This allows setting :flat_array notation which supports duplicated parameter names in query string.

      Thanks to tjsousa