WebMock v1.6.3 Release Notes

    • ⚡️ Update the dependency on addressable to get around an issue in v2.2.5. Thanks to Peter Higgins.

    • ➕ Add support for matching parameter values using a regular expression as well as a string. Thanks to Oleg M Prozorov.

    • 🛠 Fix integration with httpclient as the internal API has changed. Thanks to Frank Prößdorf.

    • Ensure Curl::Easy#content_type is always set. Thanks to Peter Higgins.

    • 🛠 Fix bug with em-http-request adapter stubbing responses that have a chunked transfer encoding. Thanks to Myron Marston.

    • 🛠 Fix a load of spec failures with Patron, httpclient, and specs that depended on the behaviour of example.com. Thanks to Alex Grigorovich.