19 Code Analysis and Metrics gems and projects

  • Rubocop

    9.8 9.8 L4 Ruby
    DISCONTINUED. A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide. [Moved to: https://github.com/rubocop/rubocop]
  • Scientist

    9.6 2.4 L5 Ruby
    :microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.
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  • SimpleCov

    9.1 6.5 L5 Ruby
    Code coverage for Ruby with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
  • rails_best_practices

    8.8 0.0 L4 Ruby
    a code metric tool for rails projects
  • Reek

    8.7 7.9 L2 Ruby
    Code smell detector for Ruby
  • Rubycritic

    8.5 6.4 Ruby
    A Ruby code quality reporter
  • Pronto

    8.1 4.6 L5 Ruby
    Quick automated code review of your changes
  • Coverband

    7.8 8.9 L5 Ruby
    Ruby production code coverage collection and reporting (line of code usage)
  • Fasterer

    7.0 6.2 L5 Ruby
    :zap: Don't make your Rubies go fast. Make them go fasterer ™. :zap:
  • Barkeep

    6.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    The friendly code review system.
  • Cane

    6.5 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Code quality threshold checking as part of your build
  • Flog

    5.8 5.5 L3 Ruby
    Flog reports the most tortured code in an easy to read pain report. The higher the score, the more pain the code is in.
  • Traceroute

    5.5 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A Rake task gem that helps you find the unused routes and controller actions for your Rails 3+ app
  • MetricFu

    5.2 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A fist full of code metrics
  • Flay

    5.2 4.4 L5 Ruby
    Flay analyzes code for structural similarities. Differences in literal values, variable, class, method names, whitespace, programming style, braces vs do/end, etc are all ignored.
  • undercover

    5.0 7.0 Ruby
    undercover warns about methods, classes and blocks that were changed without tests, to help you easily find untested code and reduce the number of bugs. It does so by analysing data from git diffs, code structure and SimpleCov coverage reports
  • Pippi

    3.4 0.0 L5 Ruby
  • bundler-leak

    3.3 0.0 Ruby
    Known-leaky gems verification for bundler: `bundle leak` to check your app and find leaky gems in your Gemfile :gem::droplet:
  • fukuzatsu

    Complexity analysis tool with a rich web front-end.

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