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A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
Featured Gem // Category OAuth

The most underrated Rails helper: dom_id

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A Plan for MongoDB and JRuby | MongoDB

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Recently in Ruby Core - June edition

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Black candy

A self hosted music streaming server
Featured Gem // Category Music and Sound

Ruby Whatsapp SDK

Use the Ruby Whatsapp SDK to communicate with Whatsapp API using the Cloud API. Create bots to send and receive messages using the Whatsapp SDK in a few minutes.
Gem Added by ignacio-chiazzo into category Database Tools

JRuby Released

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JRuby Released

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Rubocop - 4 ways to get rid of your frustrations and leave with love ONLY.

In the recent Rails 2022 Survey, Rubocop found its place on the list of the most Loved AND most frustrating gems which is quite an achievement. Neverless, I didn't like it, so in this episode I'm sharing a few thoughts how to fix all the issues related to Rubocop and be left with LOVE only.
Tutorial Added by: swilgosz //

Spina CMS

Spina CMS
Featured Gem // Category CMS

Ruby inheritance

A small recap of OOP notion here
Article Added by: bdavidxyz //


⚡️Lightning-fast linter for .env files. Written in Rust 🦀
Featured Gem

New Glimmer DSL for LibUI Apps: RubyCrumbler and Rubio-Radio

Every once in a while, I get approached by people who ask a lot of questions about Glimmer, but never complete any work in it, which is quite surprising given the fact that it takes less than a minute to run a Glimmer sample, less than 10 minutes to write one, and less than an hour to build a small desktop app. That is why I am very happy to learn that a couple of apps have been recently built with Glimmer DSL for LibUI by developers who fully walked the walk, not just talked the talk.
Article Added by: AndyObtiva //

Authentication Zero

An authentication system generator for Rails applications.
Featured Gem // Category Authentication and OAuth


A Ruby job queue that uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.
Featured Gem // Category Queue

Ruby Fiber Scheduler

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Glimmer DSL for SWT Video Tutorial 21 - Hello, Drag and Drop!

Desktop development is about 10 times simpler than web development. Learn it and you will become a better web developer as you transfer the simplicity of desktop development to the web!

Glimmer DSL for SWT Video Tutorial 20 is out! It walks software engineers through the Hello, Drag and Drop! sample.
Tutorial Added by: AndyObtiva //

Ruby 3 adds Scheduler Interface for Fibers

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Ruby driver for MongoDB
Featured Gem // Category Database Drivers

Ruby-on-Rails ViewComponents

A short intro, tutorial, and some examples of ViewComponents
Tutorial Added by: bdavidxyz //

Last 30 Days

[French] Ruby 3.2.0 Preview 1 : vivre dans le futur

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 Results - bad outlook for Ruby. WDYT?

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State Machines in Ruby: An Introduction

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Data mapping and persistence toolkit for Ruby
Featured Gem // Category ORM/ODM


A next-generation progressive site generator & fullstack framework, powered by Ruby
Featured Gem // Category Jekyll

Glimmer DSL for GTK

Glimmer DSL for GTK - Ruby-GNOME Desktop Development GUI Library
Featured Gem // Category GUI

Ruby regex

An up-to-date content.
Article Added by: bdavidxyz //