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All You Need to Know About Comments in Ruby - Tarka Labs

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How to Use Sidekiq in Rails 6

Article Added by: cionescu //


RMagick is an interface between Ruby and ImageMagick.
Featured Gem // Category Image Processing

Glimmer adds JRuby Support / How To Prototype GUI App in 1 day

Glimmer (Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library) now supports the latest JRuby Otherwise, I've been asked to build a Mac App for displaying at-a-glance project progress for a list of tasks. Thanks to Glimmer, I've been able to prototype in 1 day only. Read on to learn the steps I followed.
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  • A Fast Car Needs Good Brakes: How We Added Client Rate Throttling to the Platform API Gem
  • Ruby 3.0 JIT on Rails (slides from Ruby commiter k0kubun)
  • Anonymous Struct Literals Might Be Coming To Ruby
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Byebug vs Pry Byebug

Popular comparison
  • Byebug - A simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby 2.
  • Pry Byebug - Pry navigation commands via byebug.


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Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules
Featured Gem // Category Validation

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sidekiq-scheduler vs Sidekiq-Cron

Popular comparison
  • sidekiq-scheduler - Lightweight job scheduler extension for Sidekiq
  • Sidekiq-Cron - Scheduler / Cron for Sidekiq jobs

RESTClient vs Faraday

Popular comparison
  • RESTClient - Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by microframework syntax for specifying actions.
  • Faraday - an HTTP client lib that provides a common interface over many adapters (such as Net::HTTP) and embraces the concept of Rack middleware when processing the request/response cycle.


Provides daylight savings aware transformations between times in different timezones.
Featured Gem // Category Date and Time Processing

Ruby on Rails vs Python: What’s The Difference?

Ruby on Rails development or Python, what sets them apart from each other? Knowing the difference can make a difference in your programming. While both have their strengths, a careful analysis can help you select the one most appropriate for your development needs.
Article Added by: Sam //

Anonymous Struct Literals Might Be Coming To Ruby

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Running Rails Development with a Fake Domain and SSL

This is a quick guide on a workaround to get your rails development running in SSL and under your production URL.
Article Added by: Kasia66 //


Business transaction DSL
Featured Gem // Category Abstraction

CocoaPods vs Homebrew

Popular comparison
  • CocoaPods - The Objective-C dependency manager.
  • Homebrew - The missing package manager for OS X.

Soft Delete with Discard

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Soft Delete with Discard

Soft delete is a way where users can mark a record as no longer needed, but the data is retained.
Tutorial Added by: kobaltz //


Awesome charts for your ruby app
Featured Gem // Category Data Visualization

Contributing to Ruby MRI

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Fine-grained concurrency for Ruby
Gem Added by ciconia into category Concurrency

How to Install Mariadb on Ubuntu and Connect Ruby on Rails?

Learn more about how to install mariadb on Ubuntu and connect ruby on rails? MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system intended to remain free under the GNU GPL.
Article Added by: Sam //

Forest Admin

🌱 Official Rails Liana for Forest Admin
Featured Gem // Category Admin Interface

Devise Token Auth vs JWT

Popular comparison
  • Devise Token Auth - Token based authentication for Rails JSON APIs. Designed to work with jToker and ng-token-auth.
  • JWT - JSON Web Token implementation in Ruby.

A Beginner's Guide to Abstraction

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Mastodon vs diaspora*

Popular comparison
  • Mastodon - A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
  • diaspora* - A privacy aware, distributed, open source social network.


A script engine powered by mruby sandboxie, It's a fork of Shopify's ESS.
Gem Added by jasl into category CLI Builder