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Design Patterns in Ruby: An Abstract Factory to Create Dungeons

So the problem is laid before us: we have different kinds of objects that need to be instantiated and we want our program to be able to, at runtime, randomly select a type of object to be created without polluting our algorithm's logic with how these objects are instantiated.
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Top Stories
  • Requiring MFA on popular gem maintainers
  • Using Match vs. =~ in Ruby
  • FastPage: Faster offset pagination for Rails apps
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An Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby
Featured Gem // Category Template Engine


Using Match vs. =~ in Ruby

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An introduction to software quality and maintainable code

In this article, we talked about what software quality means, particularly when it comes to maintainable software. We learned what code coverage and code quality mean, and the difference between churn and complexity. Finally, we put together all our definitions and took a look at the file churn vs. complexity graph with a better understanding.
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Rubio-Radio Bookmarking & Async Gradual Fetching

Recently, I blogged about how I contributed Pagination/Filtering support to Rubio-Radio, an Internet radio application built with Ruby and Glimmer DSL for LibUI. Again, a Rubio-Radio GitHub Pull Request that I submitted for Bookmarking & Async Gradual Fetching features has been accepted and merged into the project by its owner.
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Rails Assets

The solution to assets management in Rails
Featured Gem // Category Management

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JRuby Released

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FastPage: Faster offset pagination for Rails apps

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Requiring MFA on popular gem maintainers

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Announcing Hanami v2.0.0.beta2

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Ruby on Rails: How we disable our Sidekiq jobs

Learn how you can use a middleware to disable your Sidekiq jobs in production without having to redeploy.
Article Added by: hollyai //


Blazing fast pagination for ActiveRecord with deferred joins ⚡️
Gem Added by hollyai into category Database Tools


Ruby's Most Advanced Authentication Framework
Featured Gem // Category Authentication and OAuth


Versatile PDF creation and manipulation for Ruby
Featured Gem // Category PDF


CQRS & event sourcing framework for Ruby
Featured Gem // Category Abstraction


Shale is a Ruby object mapper and serializer for JSON, YAML and XML. It allows you to parse JSON, YAML and XML data and convert it into Ruby data structures, as well as serialize data structures into JSON, YAML or XML.
Featured Gem // Category Parsers

Glimmer DSL for SWT Video Tutorial 28 - Hello, Custom Widget!

Desktop development is about 10 times simpler than web development. Learn it and you will become a better web developer as you transfer the simplicity of desktop development to the web!

Glimmer DSL for SWT Video Tutorial 28 is out! It walks software engineers through the Hello, Custom Widget! sample.
Tutorial Added by: AndyObtiva //

This Week in Rails Aug 12th, 2022

This was an exciting release in rails. We don't always get a lot of new features, but it's great to see several bug fixes make their way into the framework as well as some nice quality of life improvements around Mailer Previewers which now work from within Rails Engines.
Article Added by: kobaltz //


Catch unsafe PostgreSQL migrations in development and run them easier in production (code helpers for table/column renaming, changing column type, adding columns with default, background migrations, etc).
Featured Gem // Category Database Tools

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Awesome Ruby Newsletter » 325

Top Stories
  • Faster Ruby: Thoughts from the Outside
  • From byebug to ruby/debug
  • HexaPDF Extras - Additional functionality for the HexaPDF library
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When is JIT Faster Than A Compiler?

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A command line interface for generating table of contents for Markdown files.
Featured Gem // Category Markdown Processors

From byebug to ruby/debug

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Faster Ruby: Thoughts from the Outside

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Rails engine providing access to files in cloud storage
Featured Gem // Category Cloud

A definitive guide to Ruby gems dependency management

I've put together my thoughts and learnings about how dependency management work in Ruby (so many Ruby gems!)

It covers concepts around the Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, bundler, bundler-audit, Snyk, and how they're different.
Tutorial Added by: lirantal //