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Sail is a lightweight Rails engine that brings an admin panel for managing configuration settings on a live Rails app
Featured Gem // Category Admin Interface

An iOS Developer Learns Ruby (Part 1)

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Forest Admin v7.0.0

A new version of Forest Admin has been released
New Version


RR is a test double framework that features a rich selection of double techniques and a terse syntax. ⛺
Featured Gem // Category Formatters

Untangle your code with MORE than service objects! Meet dry-monads

Everyone knows how messy Rails controllers can become. In this Hanami Mastery episode, I implement the service-object pattern - but on steroids.

Using dry-monads in my sample Rails application you'll learn how to write a truly framework-agnostic web applications.
Tutorial Added by: swilgosz //

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  • Using VCR to Mock Your Requests by Ana Schwendler
  • Understand Ruby By Solving Different Algorithm Question - Bit Filipper, Binary to Decimal and so on
  • Ruby: A Quick Learn For Programmers Who Want To Switch
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Brakeman v5.1.1

A new version of Brakeman has been released
New Version


Simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality
Featured Gem // Category Formatters

Chef v17.3.44

A new version of Chef has been released
New Version


AppOptics APM for Ruby apps and services
Featured Gem // Category Performance Monitoring

Using VCR to Mock Your Requests by Ana Schwendler

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A Ruby gem that beautifies the terminal's ls command, with color and font-awesome icons. :tada:
Featured Gem // Category CLI Utilities

Glimmer DSL for SWT System Tray

Glimmer DSL for SWT has shipped with explicit system tray support, greatly simplifying the addition of a tray item to an app. It also now supports multiple parallel animations on a canvas, and animation property data-binding.
Article Added by: AMaleh //

Validate CSV Input With ActiveModel::Validations

Data input processes may be subject to different business rules than the data it ultimately correlates to in your system. You can still use familiar tools to apply those constraints and validations that only apply in this one case.

Learn how to improve the robustness of CSV file ingestion using ActiveModel::Validations in this article.
Article Added by: kevin-j-m //


A ruby implementation of the RFC 7519 OAuth JSON Web Token (JWT) standard.
Featured Gem // Category Authentication and OAuth


The Ruby community's gem hosting service.
Featured Gem // Category Gems

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Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services.
Featured Gem // Category DevOps Tools


A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML
Featured Gem // Category Third-party APIs

Glimmer DSL for SWT Hello, Label! Sample

Learn the ins and outs of applying labels in Glimmer DSL for SWT desktop GUI with or without images, or just use as separators of content.
Article Added by: AMaleh //

Awesome Ruby Newsletter » 269

Top Stories
  • Complex Ruby transformations made simple with dry-transformer!
  • Adding support for cross-cluster associations to Rails 7
  • A Rubyist's Walk Along the C-side (Part 5): Variables
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How Release Uses Action Cable and Redux Toolkit

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Watir Powered By Selenium
Featured Gem // Category WebDrivers


Rubygem for create excel xlsx file
Featured Gem // Category Spreadsheets and Documents

Glimmer Desktop App Images Can Auto-Download on the Web with Opal

Imagine this scenario. You built this baseball game ticketing management app for clerks to accept ticket purchases over the phone. You already applied branding to it. Now, you want to take it online. Thankfully, Glimmer DSL for Opal lets you auto-run all the GUI code on the web without changing a single line of code.
Article Added by: AMaleh //


RDoc produces HTML and online documentation for Ruby projects.
Featured Gem // Category Documentation

Adding support for cross-cluster associations to Rails 7

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Seeing Is Believing

Displays the results of every line of code in your file
Featured Gem // Category Debugging Tools

Glimmer DSL for Opal v0.14.0 Weather with Net::HTTP

This is the first Glimmer DSL for Opal sample (Weather) that performs a network call over the Internet using the Ruby Net::HTTP API. This should hopefully open the floodgates in the future to real web app development with calls to Net::HTTP.get and Net::HTTP.post_form to communicate with Rails applications.
Article Added by: AMaleh //


Knapsack splits tests evenly across parallel CI nodes to run fast CI build and save you time.
Featured Gem // Category Extra