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The best Rails forums engine ever.
Featured Gem // Category Social Networking

Cucumber v3.1.0

A new version of Cucumber has been released
New Version


Cossack Labs

Crypto library for storage and messaging
Featured Gem // Category Encryption

Pundit vs CanCanCan

Popular comparison
  • Pundit - Minimal authorization through OO design and pure Ruby classes.
  • CanCanCan - Continuation of CanCan, an authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

Audited vs PaperTrail

Popular comparison
  • Audited - Audited is an ORM extension for ActiveRecord & MongoMapper that logs all changes to your models.
  • PaperTrail - Track changes to your ActiveRecord models' data for auditing or versioning.

Escaping The Tar Pit: Introducing Skunk v0.3.2 at RubyConf 2019

Update Popular Story //

Working Around ActiveRecord Callbacks

Article Popular Story //

Nested API parameter validation in Rails with ActiveModel::Validations

A lightweight solution to validate nested models in the incoming API params using the ActiveModel::Validations module.
Article Added by: tothpeter //

Honeybadger v4.5.3

A new version of Honeybadger has been released
New Version

A Q&A with Rails core team member Eileen Uchitelle

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Rails 6 adds ability to block writes to a database

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Ruby Concurrency Progress Report

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Last 7 Days


Lightweight, non-monkey-patch class utilities for Hanami and Ruby app.
Featured Gem // Category Core Extensions

Byebug vs Pry Byebug

Popular comparison
  • Byebug - A simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby 2.
  • Pry Byebug - Pry navigation commands via byebug.

Black candy v1.0.3

A new version of Black candy has been released
New Version


The tool to find inconsistency between models schema and database constraints.
Featured Gem // Category Database Tools

RESTClient vs httparty

Popular comparison
  • RESTClient - Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by microframework syntax for specifying actions.
  • httparty - Makes http fun again!

Eps v0.3.1

A new version of Eps has been released
New Version

Filtration and Searching in Rails

Here we discuss how to implement filtration or searching workflows step by step in Rails by keeping our Rails app clean and dry.
Article Added by: gursimranjit1196 //


Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages.
Featured Gem // Category Code Highlighting

Closure in Ruby and Javascript

Here I have discussed the difference of Closure in Ruby and Javascript with some examples.
Article Added by: gursimranjit1196 //

twilio-ruby v5.30.0

A new version of twilio-ruby has been released
New Version

JIT and Ruby's MJIT — Appfolio Engineering

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Simple type system for Ruby with support for coercions, constraints and custom types
Featured Gem // Category Abstraction

Geokit vs Geocoder

Popular comparison
  • Geokit - Geokit gem provides geocoding and distance/heading calculations.
  • Geocoder - A complete geocoding solution for Ruby. With Rails it adds geocoding (by street or IP address), reverse geocoding (find street address based on given coordinates), and distance queries.

Ruby, Where do We Go Now?

Article Popular Story //

Money v6.13.6

A new version of Money has been released
New Version