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๐Ÿ–ฅ Show high resolution images on your terminal !
Featured Gem // Category CLI Utilities

Spree v4.1.8

A new version of Spree has been released
New Version



๐Ÿ‘ฉ CLI tool for ใ„ใ‚‰ใ™ใจใ‚„
Featured Gem // Category CLI Utilities

Fluentd v1.11.2

A new version of Fluentd has been released
New Version

RESTClient vs Http Client

Popular comparison
  • RESTClient - Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby, inspired by microframework syntax for specifying actions.
  • Http Client - Gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby.

ActiveAdmin Quill Editor

Quill Rich Text Editor for ActiveAdmin
Gem Added by simicic


A rich text editor for everyday writing
Gem Added by simicic

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Exception, uptime, and performance monitoring for Ruby.
Featured Gem // Category Error Handling

Byebug vs Pry Byebug

Popular comparison
  • Byebug - A simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby 2.
  • Pry Byebug - Pry navigation commands via byebug.

RMagick vs MiniMagick

Popular comparison
  • RMagick - RMagick is an interface between Ruby and ImageMagick.
  • MiniMagick - A ruby wrapper for ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick command line.

Awesome Ruby Newsletter ยป 220

Top Stories
  • Introduction to Ruby on Rails Patterns and Anti-patterns
  • rodauth-oauth: a rack toolkit for building OAuth/OpenID servers
  • LOWREZ JAM 2020 starts this Saturday and is a comfortable 15 days long (no unhealthy all nighters).
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A collection of tools that extend Hashes and make them more useful.
Featured Gem // Category Hash

Effective enqueuing of background jobs

We can increase efficiency of the background jobs by meticulously enqueuing only those jobs which are actually going to be executed and avoid jobs getting enqueued and discarded immediately.
Article Added by: prathamesh-sonpatki //

Introduction to Ruby on Rails Patterns and Anti-patterns

Article Popular Story //

ActiveRecord Where Assoc

Make ActiveRecord do conditions on your associations
Featured Gem // Category ORM/ODM Extensions

Securely Send Large Files for Free Using Ruby with Firefox Send

Learn more how to send large files securely for free using ruby with firefox send. We evaluated couple of free services and finally chosen firefox send.
Article Added by: Sam //


Implementation of the Trello API for Ruby.
Featured Gem // Category Third-party APIs

How to Improve ActiveRecord Query Performance with Subquery Caching

Slow database queries are a common performance bottleneck for Ruby on Rails apps. Simplifying a complex query is often not possible due to the underlying business logic. Instead, you can extract parts of a query, cache and reuse them to improve performance. In this tutorial, Iโ€™ll describe a range of techniques on how to do it.

We will cover more advanced ActiveRecord and PostgreSQL topics EXPLAIN ANALYZE, and query plan visualizer tool.
Tutorial Added by: pawurb //

Figaro vs dotenv

Popular comparison
  • Figaro - Simple, Heroku-friendly Rails app configuration using ENV and a single YAML file.
  • dotenv - Loads environment variables from .env.

Mastodon vs diaspora*

Popular comparison
  • Mastodon - A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
  • diaspora* - A privacy aware, distributed, open source social network.

[Screencast] Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit

First look at the upcoming Apple Silicon processor and what it will be like for us Ruby Developers. Honestly, I wish that it was a better experience. However, with macOS Big Sur being beta and the DTK not being the final consumer hardware, there's still hope yet.
Tutorial Added by: kobaltz //


Ruby SVG Image Builder
Featured Gem // Category Image Processing

Accelerated path tracing in pure Ruby

Library Popular Story //

s3_gem_host - Gem for using S3 as a private gem source

Library Popular Story //

PrawnPDF 2.3.0 release: OTF support

Update Popular Story //