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We Made Puma Faster With Sleep Sort

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Dpl v2.0.2-beta.1

A new version of Dpl has been released
New Version


An Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby
Featured Gem // Category Template Engine

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Glimmer Has Been One Point Oh’ed!

Glimmer is finally 1.0.0. This marks a big milestone since Glimmer has outgrown its single-library roots and has become an assortment of Ruby gems that work together, such as Glimmer DSL for SWT (JRuby Desktop Development GUI Library), Glimmer DSL for Tk (Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library), Glimmer DSL for Opal (Web GUI Adapter for Desktop Apps), Glimmer DSL for XML (& HTML), and Glimmer DSL for CSS.
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Introducing jQuery in Rails 6 Using Webpacker

First release candidate of Rails 6 is out with exciting features and refinements in existing features. Today we will look into one of those features, which is webpacker. It is now by default in Rails 6 as a Javascript Compiler.
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Extends delayed_job to support recurring jobs
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Top Stories
  • dry-system - why? | from manual dependency injection to a full-blown architecture
  • Ruby adds support for forwarding arguments to a method, along with the leading arguments
  • Introducing Hanami::API
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Programming only with classes

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ActsAsList v1.0.2

A new version of ActsAsList has been released
New Version

Introducing Hanami::API

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A command line interface for smithing new Ruby gems.
Featured Gem // Category CLI Builder

Ruby 3.0 Interpolated Strings Are No Longer Frozen

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Better Errors v2.8.0

A new version of Better Errors has been released
New Version

Rails Concerns: To Concern Or Not To Concern

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Interesting Methods to Work with Ruby Hashes in A Better Way

Learn more about important methods for ruby hashes. Taking care of some mistakes while accessing ruby hashes and working on it.
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A cache and private gem server
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Apartment vs Acts As Tennant

Popular comparison
  • Apartment - Multi-tenancy for Rails and ActiveRecord.
  • Acts As Tennant - Add multi-tenancy to a Rails app through a shared database strategy.

Authlogic vs Devise

Popular comparison
  • Authlogic - Authlogic is a clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  • Devise - A flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.

FiniteMachine v0.14.0

A new version of FiniteMachine has been released
New Version


Rumale is a machine learning library in Ruby
Featured Gem // Category Machine Learning

Glimmer DSL for Tk 0.0.5 Hello, Computed!

Glimmer DSL for Tk alpha 0.0.5 ships with Hello, Computed! having computed-value data-binding and grid geometry manager support.
Article Added by: AndyObtiva //

ransack vs pg_search

Popular comparison
  • ransack - Object-based searching.
  • pg_search - Builds ActiveRecord named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full text search.


Error monitoring for Rails, Sinatra, Rack, and plain Ruby apps.
Featured Gem // Category Error Handling

#BoostYourBusiness: Top Ruby on Rails Web Development Mistakes Companies Should Avoid

Ruby on Rails web development is an excellent framework, but developers often take it for granted. Here are a few common mistakes they should avoid to build world-class business applications.
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Rails/ActiveRecord support for distributed multi-tenant databases like Postgres+Citus
Gem Added by twnaing into category Multi-tenancy