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A solid foundation to track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps.
Featured Gem // Category Analytics



BDD that talks to domain experts first and code second.
Featured Gem // Category Frameworks

Geokit vs Geocoder

Popular comparison
  • Geokit - Geokit gem provides geocoding and distance/heading calculations.
  • Geocoder - A complete geocoding solution for Ruby. With Rails it adds geocoding (by street or IP address), reverse geocoding (find street address based on given coordinates), and distance queries.

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A simple to use, feature rich debugger for Ruby 2.
Featured Gem // Category Debugging Tools

Figaro vs dotenv

Popular comparison
  • Figaro - Simple, Heroku-friendly Rails app configuration using ENV and a single YAML file.
  • dotenv - Loads environment variables from .env.

Some good advices about RSpec and Capybara from GitLab

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Ruby integrations for Elasticsearch.
Featured Gem // Category Elastic Search


Object to XML mapping library, using Nokogiri.
Featured Gem // Category HTML/XML Parsing

Bundler: August 2018 Bundler Update

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Audited vs PaperTrail

Popular comparison
  • Audited - Audited is an ORM extension for ActiveRecord & MongoMapper that logs all changes to your models.
  • PaperTrail - Track changes to your ActiveRecord models' data for auditing or versioning.


Pluck multiple attributes in Rails 3, 4, 5. If you have a rails 3 project, and want to pluck not only one column, feel free to use this gem and no need to worry about upgrading to Rails 4 in the future will break this.
Featured Gem // Category ORM/ODM Extensions

Reek vs Rubocop

Popular comparison
  • Reek - Code smell detector for Ruby.
  • Rubocop - A static code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide.

selenium training In United States | Certification | Free Demo

Mindmajix’s Selenium Training: Learn selenium automation & expertise in using Selenium 3.0 to create robust, browser-based regression automation suites and tests, scale and distribute scripts and create quick bug reproduction scripts. You will master selenium IDE, Selenium web driver, JaCoCo, TestNG, Sikuli, Page Object Modeling and Optimize XPath with Xpather and Selenium RC. You will also get an exposure to industry based real-time projects in various verticals
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Azure Load Balancer

Azure Load balancer Tutorial – Azure Traffic Manager:
Before I get started with Azure Load balance, let me show you the topics that I am going to cover in this blog, which will help you to Know Azure Traffic Manager, Internal load balancer and azure load balancer. In this blog, I have written Multiple Important Topics which will help for your carrier.

These below mentioned are the topics :
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A fast, Ruby-based text processor & publishing toolchain for converting AsciiDoc to HTML5, DocBook, EPUB3, PDF & more.
Featured Gem // Category Documentation

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Top Stories
  • Understanding Transducers in Ruby – Brandon Weaver – Medium
  • How I found ways to participate in the Ruby-community OSS more- while still working full time at a job with no allotted "OSS-time"
  • Monad laws in Ruby
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A 2D game development library for the Ruby and C++ programming languages.
Featured Gem // Category Game Development

Trestle vs ActiveAdmin

Popular comparison
  • Trestle - A modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Rails
  • ActiveAdmin - A Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration.


An Object Prioritization Utility for Ruby
Gem Added by eliav-lavi into category Sorting

CanCanCan vs Pundit

Popular comparison
  • CanCanCan - Continuation of CanCan, an authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.
  • Pundit - Minimal authorization through OO design and pure Ruby classes.


A fully configurable and extendable Git hook manager.
Featured Gem // Category Git Tools


A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
Featured Gem // Category OAuth

The redo Keyword in Ruby

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Monad laws in Ruby

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Review your Ruby code for style guide violations.
Featured Gem // Category Services and Apps

Mastodon vs diaspora*

Popular comparison
  • Mastodon - A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
  • diaspora* - A privacy aware, distributed, open source social network.

refine and using Methods in Ruby: Part I

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