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Business transaction DSL
Featured Gem // Category Abstraction

CocoaPods vs Homebrew

Popular comparison
  • CocoaPods - The Objective-C dependency manager.
  • Homebrew - The missing package manager for OS X.

Soft Delete with Discard

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Soft Delete with Discard

Soft delete is a way where users can mark a record as no longer needed, but the data is retained.
Tutorial Added by: kobaltz //


Awesome charts for your ruby app
Featured Gem // Category Data Visualization

Contributing to Ruby MRI

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Fine-grained concurrency for Ruby
Gem Added by ciconia into category Concurrency

How to Install Mariadb on Ubuntu and Connect Ruby on Rails?

Learn more about how to install mariadb on Ubuntu and connect ruby on rails? MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system intended to remain free under the GNU GPL.
Article Added by: Sam //

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Forest Admin

🌱 Official Rails Liana for Forest Admin
Featured Gem // Category Admin Interface

A Beginner's Guide to Abstraction

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Mastodon vs diaspora*

Popular comparison
  • Mastodon - A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server
  • diaspora* - A privacy aware, distributed, open source social network.


A script engine powered by mruby sandboxie, It's a fork of Shopify's ESS.
Gem Added by jasl into category CLI Builder


A Rails engine providing essential industry of Role-based access control.
Gem Added by jasl into category Authorization

Flow Core

FlowCore is a Rails engine to help you build your automation or business process application.
Gem Added by jasl into category workflow engine

Ruby 3.0 JIT on Rails (slides from Ruby commiter k0kubun)

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Command Line Interface (CLI)
Featured Gem // Category CLI Builder

Polyphony - Fine-Grained Concurrency for Ruby

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ASCII terminal table generator for Ruby, with a DRY, column-based API
Featured Gem // Category CLI Utilities

How To Integrate Google Calendar API with Rails

Integrate your Ruby on Rails application with the Google Calendar API and add tasks. Follow these steps during Ruby on Rails development to integrate Google Calendar.
Article Added by: bineetaparmar //


Audio metadata reader ruby gem
Gem Added by aidewoode into category Music and Sound

Trestle vs ActiveAdmin

Popular comparison
  • Trestle - A modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Rails
  • ActiveAdmin - A Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration.

Awesome Ruby Newsletter » 215

Top Stories
  • AnyCable 1.0: Four years of real-time web with Ruby and Go
  • Build The World’s Simplest ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Pipeline in Ruby With Kiba
  • Rails 6.1 tracks Active Storage variant in the database
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An advanced Ruby/Rack based web development framework.
Featured Gem // Category Web Frameworks

AnyCable 1.0: Four years of real-time web with Ruby and Go

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Formtastic vs Simple Form

Popular comparison
  • Formtastic - A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.
  • Simple Form - Rails forms made easy.

Knock vs Devise

Popular comparison
  • Knock - Seamless JWT authentication for Rails API.
  • Devise - A flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.


A deep learning library.
Featured Gem // Category Machine Learning

Doorkeeper vs OAuth2

Popular comparison
  • Doorkeeper - An OAuth2 provider for Rails.
  • OAuth2 - A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Searchkick vs chewy

Popular comparison
  • Searchkick - Searchkick learns what your users are looking for. As more people search, it gets smarter and the results get better. It’s friendly for developers
  • chewy - High-level Elasticsearch Ruby framework based on the official elasticsearch-ruby client.