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A solid foundation to track visits and events in Ruby, JavaScript, and native apps.
Featured gem // Category Analytics

Ruby on Rails vs Hanami

Popular comparison
  • Ruby on Rails - A web-application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.
  • Hanami - It aims to bring back Object Oriented Programming to web development, leveraging on a stable API, a minimal DSL, and plain objects.

A beginner's guide to exceptions in Ruby

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Awesome Ruby Newsletter ยป 30

Top Stories
  • Rails 5.1: Default Primary Keys Are Now BIGINT
  • This Week in Rails: jQuery no longer part of Rails and more!
  • 57 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage
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Ruby implementation of the ICU (International Components for Unicode) that uses the Common Locale Data Repository to format dates, plurals, and more.
Featured gem // Category Internationalization

Pdfkit vs Wicked Pdf

Popular comparison
  • Pdfkit - HTML+CSS to PDF using wkhtmltopdf.
  • Wicked Pdf - PDF generator (from HTML) plugin for Ruby on Rails.

9 new sweet features in Ruby 2.4

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Ruby 2.4 Performance Looking Good

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Automatically apply several headers that are related to security, including: Content Security Policy (CSP), HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), X-Frame-Options (XFO), X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, X-Download-Options & X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies.
Featured gem // Category Security

Rubycritic vs Rubocop

Popular comparison
  • Rubycritic - A Ruby code quality reporter.
  • Rubocop - A static code analyzer, based on the community Ruby style guide.

This Week in Rails: jQuery no longer part of Rails and more!

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Sonic Pi

A live coding synth for everyone originally designed to support computing and music lessons.
Featured gem // Category Music and Sound

Knock vs Devise

Popular comparison
  • Knock - Seamless JWT authentication for Rails API.
  • Devise - A flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.

Rails 5.1: Default Primary Keys Are Now BIGINT

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Monitoring Your App's Health with simple Ruby apps

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A super efficient AWS SQS thread based message processor for Ruby.
Featured gem // Category Queue

YARD vs RDoc

Popular comparison
  • YARD - YARD enables the user to generate consistent, usable documentation that can be exported to a number of formats very easily.
  • RDoc - RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects.


PushType is a modern, open source content management system for Ruby on Rails.
Featured gem // Category CMS

Faraday vs httparty

Popular comparison
  • Faraday - an HTTP client lib that provides a common interface over many adapters (such as Net::HTTP) and embraces the concept of Rack middleware when processing the request/response cycle.
  • httparty - Makes http fun again!


A platform for developing full stand-alone apps for Android using the Ruby language and libraries.
Featured gem // Category Mobile Development

Audited vs PaperTrail

Popular comparison
  • Audited - Audited is an ORM extension for ActiveRecord & MongoMapper that logs all changes to your models.
  • PaperTrail - Track changes to your ActiveRecord models' data for auditing or versioning.

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All sorts of useful information about every country packaged as pretty little country objects.
Featured gem // Category Country Data

RMagick vs MiniMagick

Popular comparison
  • RMagick - RMagick is an interface between Ruby and ImageMagick.
  • MiniMagick - A ruby wrapper for ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick command line.

57 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage

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Materialized Views: Caching database query

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