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A framework for building modern web-apps in Ruby. It helps you build working software faster with a development process that remains friendly to both designers and developers.
Featured Gem // Category Web Frameworks

Counting records with ActiveRecord - the truth about .count, .size and .length methods

Seemingly it may seem that counting records in the database with ActiveRecord is straightforward. In reality, it looks more complex.
Article Added by: pawel-dabrowski6 //

SimpleCov v0.19.1

A new version of SimpleCov has been released
New Version


Scout gets developers back to coding faster. An intuitive UI streamlines real-time performance insight so you can quickly pinpoint & resolve issues before the customer ever sees them. Start your free trial today!

Glimmer DSL for Opal

Glimmer DSL for Opal (Web GUI Adapter for Desktop Apps)
Gem Added by AndyObtiva into category Authorization


The official Airbrake library for Ruby on Rails (and other Rack based frameworks).
Featured Gem // Category Error Handling

How to Add Material UI to your Rails + React App

My last blog React + Rails + Webpacker demonstrated how to add ReactJS to your Rails project using webpacker. Now the question was which UI library to use with React JS.
Article Added by: bineetaparmar //


Boring generators aims to make your development faster by delegating boring setups to us.
Gem Added by abhaynikam into category Rails Application Generators

Authlogic vs Devise

Popular comparison
  • Authlogic - Authlogic is a clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  • Devise - A flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.

YARD vs RDoc

Popular comparison
  • YARD - YARD enables the user to generate consistent, usable documentation that can be exported to a number of formats very easily.
  • RDoc - RDoc produces HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects.

browse-everything v1.1.0

A new version of browse-everything has been released
New Version

Last 7 Days

Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox

Ruby Tests Profiling Toolbox
Featured Gem // Category Testing

Tailwind CSS + Rails via webpack

Tutorial Added by: abhaynikam //

Doorkeeper vs OAuth2

Popular comparison
  • Doorkeeper - An OAuth2 provider for Rails.
  • OAuth2 - A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.


A high performance pure Ruby client for accessing memcached servers.
Featured Gem // Category Caching

Gladiator (Glimmer Editor)

Gladiator (Glimmer Editor) - Text Editor Fully Written in Ruby with Glimmer DSL for SWT
Gem Added by AndyObtiva into category GUI

ActiveModel::Serializers vs graphql

Popular comparison
  • ActiveModel::Serializers - JSON serialization of objects.
  • graphql - Ruby implementation of GraphQL

Rails: Grouping The Records By Date Using Enumerable#group_by Method

Here is the simple example which uses the group_by method to group records by it's created_at date differentiating today's messages with other days' messages.
Article Added by: bineetaparmar //


A smart profiler for your Rails apps that visualizes request performance.
Featured Gem // Category Performance Monitoring

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Top Stories
  • RuboCop 1.0
  • Explaining the magic behind popular Ruby code
  • Better Git diff output for Ruby, Python, Elixir, Go and more
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Clearance vs Devise

Popular comparison
  • Clearance - Small and simple email & password based authenticaton for Rails.
  • Devise - A flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden.

New Relic

Find and fix Ruby errors with New Relic application monitoring and troubleshooting.
Featured Gem // Category Performance Monitoring

RailsAdmin vs ActiveAdmin

Popular comparison
  • RailsAdmin - A Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
  • ActiveAdmin - A Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration.

RuboCop 1.0

Article Popular Story //


Dpl (dee-pee-ell) is a deploy tool made for continuous deployment.
Featured Gem // Category DevOps Tools

Shortest Ruby Syntax Highlighting Implementation with Glimmer

Glimmer DSL for SWT ships with a number of changes, such as the new code_text syntax highlighting custom widget, the Glimmer Meta-Sample (The Sample of Samples), and the Hello, Sash Form! Sample. One noteworthy thing to mention about implementing `code_text` is that with Glimmer Ruby syntax, it was the shortest Syntax Highlighting implementation of SWT StyledText I have ever seen compared to various resources online.
Article Added by: AndyObtiva //

MailCatcher vs LetterOpener

Popular comparison
  • MailCatcher - Catches mail and serves it through a dream.
  • LetterOpener - Preview mail in the browser instead of sending.

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Small and simple email & password based authenticaton for Rails.
Featured Gem // Category Authentication and OAuth

Explaining the magic behind popular Ruby code

Ruby language allows us to easily create beautiful DSL's and design complex libraries that anybody can easily use, despite programming experience. The code often looks perfect, but sometimes it is not clear how it was achieved under the hood. In this article, I explain a few solutions that are quite popular among many gems, and you can easily use it in your projects once you understand how you can build a similar code.
Article Added by: dziamber //