Exception Notification v4.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-16 // 10 months ago
    • ✨ enhancements

      • Rails 6 compatibility (by @shanecav)
      • Add Datadog notifier (by @ajain0184)
      • Use backtrace cleaner for Slack notifications (by @pomier)
      • Add slack channel name override option (by @chaadow)
      • Addition of sample application for testing purposes (by @ampeigonet)
    • 🐛 bug fixes

      • Fix error in Resque failure backend (by @EmilioCristalli)
      • Remove sqlite dependency (by @EmilioCristalli)
      • Configure ignore_crawlers from Rails initializer (by @EmilioCristalli)

Previous changes from v4.3.0

    • ✨ enhancements

      • Add Microsoft Teams Notifier (by @phaelin)
      • Add SNS notifier (by @FLarra)
      • Add Google Chats notifier (by @renatolond)
      • Align output of section-headers consistently (by @kronn)
      • ExceptionNotifier.notify_exception receives block & pass it to each notifier (by @pocke)
      • Update Travis to latest rubies (by @lostapathy)
    • 🐛 bug fixes

      • Replace all before_filter to before_action on readme (by @pastullo)
      • Fix error when using error grouping outside of rails (by @garethcokell)
      • Fix missing MissingController Mattermost class (by @n-rodriguez)