Faye is a set of tools for simple publish-subscribe messaging between web clients. It ships with easy-to-use message routing servers for Node.js and Rack applications, and clients that can be used on the server and in the browser.

Code Quality Rank: L2
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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: HTTP     WebSocket     Ajax     Bayeux     Pubsub     Comet     Web Apps     Services     Interaction     HTTP Pub/Sub    

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  • Learn how to install and configure a thin server within a Linux environment hosting a Faye WebSocket application. This episode includes showing you how to server your WebSockets over a secure SSL connection.
    Tutorial  Added by kobaltz // www.driftingruby.com // almost 3 years ago
  • Summary
    Using WebSockets, we are able to create a realtime notification between browsers. Useful for in-app messaging, chats, and more! Learn how to use Faye's Publish and Subscribe methods. I believe that this paves the way for successfully using and learning the upcoming ActionCable.
    Tutorial  Added by kobaltz // www.driftingruby.com // almost 3 years ago