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  • Thredded

    7.1 7.9 L5 Ruby
    The best Rails forums engine ever.
  • Avo

    5.1 9.5 Ruby
    Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin
  • Godmin

    4.5 4.6 L2 Ruby
    Admin framework for Rails 5+
  • RoleCore

    3.3 5.0 Ruby
    🔐A Rails engine providing essential industry of Role-based access control.
  • Flow Core

    2.4 0.0 Ruby
    FlowCore is a Rails engine to help you build your automation or business process application.
  • FeatureFlags

    1.7 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Feature flags for Rails application.Manages ‘flags’ within your Rails app that determine whether various features are enabled or not.
  • Logs

    1.6 0.0 Ruby
    Mountable Rails Engine for viewing paginated logs from a browser
  • Loco-Rails

    1.4 4.2 L5 Ruby
    Rails is awesome, but modern web needs Loco-motive.
  • Supplejack API

    1.3 9.0 Ruby
    Supplejack API Mountable Engine
  • Iconly

    0.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Rails engine to manage your web icon fonts