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  • PaperClip

    9.8 0.1 L5 Ruby
    Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord.
  • ActiveAdmin

    9.8 9.5 L4 Ruby
    A Ruby on Rails framework for creating elegant backends for website administration.
  • RailsAdmin

    9.7 4.8 L4 Ruby
    A Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data.
  • Draper

    9.1 3.1 L5 Ruby
    Draper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails application.
  • State Machine

    8.8 0.0 L2 Ruby
    Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
  • PublicActivity

    8.3 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Provides easy activity tracking for your ActiveRecord, Mongoid 3 and MongoMapper models in Rails 3 and 4. Similar to Github's Public Activity.
  • Cells

    8.3 0.4 L5 Ruby
    View Components for Rails.
  • Refile

    8.0 2.1 L5 Ruby
    A modern file upload library for Ruby applications, Refile is an attempt by CarrierWave's original author to fix the design mistakes and overengineering in CarrierWave.
  • DragonFly

    7.7 3.1 L4 Ruby
    A Ruby gem for on-the-fly processing
  • Mailboxer

    7.7 0.0 L4 Ruby
    A private message system for Rails applications.
  • RailRoady

    7.3 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Ruby on Rails 3/4 model and controller UML class diagram generator.
  • Workflow

    7.3 0.2 L5 Ruby
    A finite-state-machine-inspired API for modeling and interacting with what we tend to refer to as 'workflow'.
  • Trestle

    7.0 7.1 Ruby
    A modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Rails
  • Merit

    7.0 3.0 L5 Ruby
    Adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings for ActiveRecord or Mongoid.
  • ActiveScaffold

    6.7 6.9 Ruby
    Save time and headaches, and create a more easily maintainable set of pages, with ActiveScaffold. ActiveScaffold handles all your CRUD (create, read, update, delete) user interface needs, leaving you more time to focus on more challenging (and interesting!) problems.
  • Apotomo

    5.1 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Based on Cells, Apotomo gives you widgets and encapsulation, bubbling events, AJAX page updates, rock-solid testing and more.
  • transitions

    4.8 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A ruby state machine implementation.
  • StatefulEnum

    4.5 0.8 Ruby
    A very simple state machine plugin built on top of ActiveRecord::Enum
  • RoleCore

    3.1 2.4 Ruby
    A Rails engine providing essential industry of Role-based access control.
  • Setsy

    2.2 0.0 Ruby
    Like rails-settings-cached but works on individual classes and allows for default values.
  • simple_states

    1.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A super-slim statemachine-like support library.
  • skinny_controllers

    1.8 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A pattern for allowing for easier testing of large projects' business logic
  • Avo

    1.8 9.3 Ruby
    Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin
  • FeatureFlags

    1.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Feature flags for Rails application.Manages ‘flags’ within your Rails app that determine whether various features are enabled or not.