Phlex lets you compose web views in pure Ruby — kind of like JSX, but not really anything like JSX. It’s super-fast, thread-safe and supports TruffleRuby v22.2+, JRuby v9.2+ and MRI v2.7+. Phlex currently supports HTML and SVG views and we’re exploring JSON and XML.

Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: Template Engine     HTML     SVG     View     Presentation    
Latest version: v0.1.0

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Phlex is a framework that lets you compose web views in pure Ruby.

Documentation 📗

Documentation can be found at www.phlex.fun.

Support ✋

If you run into any trouble, please start a discussion, or open an issue if you think you’ve found a bug.

Community 🙌

Everyone interacting in Phlex codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms and mailing lists is expected to follow the code of conduct.

Sponsorship 💖

Maintaining a library is a lot of work. If your company benefits from this work or is likely to benefit from it in the future, please consider sponsorship. Phlex is actively developed and maintained by Joel Drapper.

Security 🚨

If you’ve found a potential security issue, please email [email protected].

Thanks 🙏

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