Most of the applications we're working on are using some sort of tracking/analytics service, Google Analytics comes first but its likely that more are added as the project grows. Normally you'd go ahead and add some partials to your application that will render out the needed tracking codes. As time passes by you'll find yourself with lots of tracking snippets, that will clutter your codebase :) When just looking at Analytics there are solutions like rack-google-analytics but they just soley tackle the existence of one service.

We wanted a solution that ties all services together in one place and offers an easy interface to drop in new services. This is why we created rack-tracker, a rack middleware that can be hooked up to multiple services and exposing them in a unified fashion. It comes in two parts, the first one is the actual middleware that you can add to the middleware stack the second part are the service-handlers that you're going to use in your application. It's easy to add your own custom handlers, but to get you started we're shipping support for the following services out of the box:

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