Redis-Objects v1.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-18 // almost 5 years ago
    • ⚡️ updated README on expireat [Nate Wiger]

    • ➕ Add option for using a custom serializer [Tomás Rojas]

    • DRY up objects to enable custom prefixing when desired [Tomás Rojas]

    • 👍 Allow spop to return multiple members [Evan Paul]

    • ✂ Rename #delete! to #redis_delete_objects [Mattias Pfeiffer]

    • 👉 Make deletion simpler with just 1 call to Redis [Mattias Pfeiffer]

    • 🚚 Move CoreCommands inclusion to BaseObject [Tomás Rojas]

    • 🚚 Move Enumerable functionality to EnumerableObject [Tomás Rojas]

    • 🚚 Move attr_readers to Redis::BaseObject [Tomás Rojas]

Previous changes from v1.4.3

    • 🔀 Merge pull request #235 from johnc219/fix/end-time-expiration Add expiration in seconds to obtain end_time [Nate Wiger]

    • 🔀 Merge pull request #223 from artinboghosian/compress-redis-value Allow compression of value stored in Redis::Value to save memory on R… [Nate Wiger]

    • 🔀 Merge pull request #224 from artinboghosian/sorted-set-missing-operations Fix set operation methods on SortedSets [Nate Wiger]

    • 🔀 Merge pull request #233 from tmattia/master Add SortedSet#count alias so it's consistent with Set#count [Nate Wiger]

    • 🔀 Merge pull request #236 from nateware/revert-220-threadsafe Revert "Make Redis::Objects.connection thread-safe" [Nate Wiger]

    • ⏪ Revert "Make Redis::Objects.connection thread-safe" [Nate Wiger]