Rodauth v1.19.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-16 // 12 months ago
    • 👍 Avoid unneeded database queries in the two factor authentication support (jeremyevans)

    • 👌 Add {before,after}_verify_login_change_email configuration methods, called around sending the verify login change email (jeremyevans)

    • Add after_account_lockout configuration method, called after locking out an account (jeremyevans)

    • Add default_post_email_redirect configuration method, setting default for all redirects after emailing when not logged in (jeremyevans)

    • Gracefully handle failure when new login is already taken in the verify_login_change feature (jeremyevans)

    • 👌 Support optional email rate limiting in the lockout, reset password, and verify account features (jeremyevans)

    • Make MySQL rodauth_get_salt function handle accounts without password hashes (jeremyevans)

    • ➕ Add email_auth feature, for authentication using links sent via email (jeremyevans)

    • Deprecate before_otp_authentication_route, users should switch to before_otp_auth_route (jeremyevans)

    • Add use_multi_phase_login? configuration method to login feature, separating login entry from password entry (jeremyevans)

    • Don't disable use of date_arithmetic extension on !MySQL when using lockout, remember, or reset password features (jeremyevans)