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This is a Rails e-commerce platform. ROR Ecommerce is a Rails 4 application with the intent to allow developers to create an ecommerce solution easily. This solution includes an Admin for Purchase Orders, Product creation, Shipments, Fulfillment and creating Orders. There is a minimal customer facing shopping cart understanding that this will be customized. The cart allows you to track your customers' cart history and includes a double entry accounting system.

The project has Solr searching, Compass and Zurb Foundation for CSS and uses jQuery. Currently the most complete Rails solution for your small business.

Please use Ruby 2.1 and enjoy Rails 4.2.

ROR Ecommerce is designed so that if you understand Rails you will understand ROR_ecommerce. There is nothing in this project besides what you might see in a normal Rails application. If you don't like something, you are free to just change it like you would in any other Rails app.

Code Quality Rank: L4
Monthly Downloads: 9,153,776
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License

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