Sequel v5.61.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-10-01 // 8 months ago
    • Make Database#foreign_key_list on PostgreSQL return results for partitioned tables (jeremyevans)

    • Add Database#check_string_typecast_bytesize for checking bytesize of strings before typecasting (jeremyevans)

    • Treat negative hexidecimal strings similar to positive hexidecimal strings when typecasting to integer (jeremyevans)

    • Remove is_json and is_not_json methods from the pg_json_ops extension, as the support was removed in PostgreSQL 15 beta 4 (jeremyevans)

    • Fix handling of timestamps before the date of calendar reform when using pg_extended_date_support extension on Ruby 3.2 (jeremyevans)