Shrine implements a plugin system analogous to Roda’s and Sequel’s. It has a small core which provides only the essential functionality, while other features come as plugins which can be loaded when needed. Shrine ships with over 25 plugins, which together provide a great arsenal of features.

This design makes Shrine extremely versatile. File uploads are very delicate, and need to be handled differently depending on what types of files are being uploaded, whether there is processing or not, what storage is used etc. Instead of having an opinion on how you want to do your upload, Shrine allows you to build an uploading flow that suits your needs.

Code Quality Rank: L5
Monthly Downloads: 36,519
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: File Upload     Toolkit     Refile    

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This gem is impressive! It's plugin structure is perfect, as it's extensible and configurable as your project grows more complex. It gives you full control over your objects and it's open/closeness is clear enough to avoid boilerplates! Also, it's highly documented, as it teaches you how to use each plugin and to properly use it on your tests.

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