Get a grip of when your async requests finish in the new version of render_async
Svelte is slowly rising to fame these days and it’s getting more and more traction with new version 3 being released in April. If you’re interested in how to get started with Rails and Svelte, this is the right post for you! We’ll go through the whats, the whys, and the hows between the two.
render_async allows you to load partials by reacting with a specific HTML element.

If you want your partial to be loaded when a button is clicked or hovered over, you can specify that in new render_async 2.1.1 version

Also, you can start and stop polling a controller action with render_async using the new toggle feature.
Write simple HTML polling using Ruby on Rails ONLY.
Speeding up Rails pages with caching: render_async 1.0 released