Vagrant v2.2.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-14 // about 1 month ago

    • core/provisioners: Introduce new Provisioner options: before and after [GH-11043]
    • 🔌 guest/alpine: Integrate the vagrant-alpine plugin into Vagrant core [GH-10975]


    • command/box/prune: Allow prompt skip while preserving actively in use boxes [GH-10908]
    • 👍 command/cloud: Support providing checksum information with boxes [GH-11101]
    • 🛠 dev: Fixed Vagrantfile for Vagrant development [GH-11012]
    • guest/alt: Improve handling for using network tools when setting hostname [GH-11000]
    • guest/suse: Add ipv6 network config templates for SUSE based distributions [GH-11013]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Retry on connection timeout errors for the reboot capability [GH-11093]
    • host/bsd: Use host resolve path capability to modify local paths if required [GH-11108]
    • host/darwin: Add host resolve path capability to provide real paths for firmlinks [GH-11108]
    • ⚡️ provisioners/chef: Update pkg install flags for chef on FreeBSD guests [GH-11075]
    • provider/hyperv: Improve error message when VMMS is not running [GH-10978]
    • provider/virtualbox: Raise additional errors for incomplete virtualbox installation on usable check [GH-10938]
    • 👍 util/filechecksum: Add support for more checksum types [GH-11101]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🔀 command/rsync-auto: Fix path watcher bug so that all subdirectories are synced when changed [GH-11089]
    • command/snapshot/save: Ensure VM id is passed to list snapshots for hyper-v provider [GH-11097]
    • core: Ensure proper paths are shown in config loading exceptions [GH-11056]
    • guest/suse: Use hostnamectl instead of hostname to set the hostname under SUSE [GH-11100]
    • 🐳 provider/docker: Fix default provider validation if password is used [GH-11053]
    • 🐳 provider/docker: Fix Docker providers usable? check [GH-11068]
    • provisioner/ansible_local: Ensure pip_install_cmd is finalized to emptry string [GH-11098]
    • provisioner/file: Ensure relative path for file provisioner source is relative to guest machines cwd [GH-11099]
    • 🏗 provider/docker: Ensure docker build_args option is properly set in docker compose config yaml [GH-11106]
    • ⚡️ guest/suse: Update nfs & service daemon names for suse based hosts and guests [GH-11076]
    • 🐳 provider/docker: Determine ip address prefix workaround for docker public networks [GH-11111]
    • 🐳 provider/docker: Only return interfaces where addr is not nil for networks [GH-11116]

Previous changes from v2.2.5


    • 🐳 providers/docker: Private and Public networking support [GH-10702]


    • command/global-status: Provide machine-readable information [GH-10506]
    • command/snapshot: Separate snapshot names for guests when listing snapshots [GH-10828]
    • 📇 command/box/update: Ignore missing metadata files when updating all boxes [GH-10829]
    • core: Use consistent settings when unpacking boxes as root [GH-10707]
    • 📇 core: Write metadata.json file when packaging box [GH-10706]
    • 🚚 core: Remove whitespace from id file on load [GH-10727]
    • 👍 core/bundler: Support resolution when installed within system [GH-10894]
    • ⚡️ guest/coreos: Update network configuration and hostname setting [GH-10752]
    • 👍 guest/freebsd: Add proper VirtualBox share folders support for FreeBSD guests [GH-10717]
    • guest/freebsd: Add unmount share folder for VirtualBox guests [GH-10761]
    • 🔧 guest/freebsd: Simplify network interface listing when configuring networks [GH-10763]
    • 🐳 providers/docker: Add usable? check to docker provider [GH-10890]
    • 🔧 synced_folder/smb: Remove configuration information from synced folder data [GH-10811]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • ⚡️ command/box/update: Ensure the right version is picked when updating specific boxes [GH-10810]
    • 📜 command/cloud: Properly set variable from CLI argument parsing for username field [GH-10726]
    • command/rsync_auto: Use relative paths to machines folder path for file path Listener [GH-10902]
    • 🚚 communicator/ssh: Remove net/sftp loading to prevent loading errors [GH-10745]
    • contrib/bash: Search for running_vm_list only in machines folder [GH-10841]
    • 🔌 core/bundler: Properly parse multiple constants when installing plugins [GH-10896]
    • 🔧 core/environment: Support plugin configuration within box Vagrantfiles [GH-10889]
    • 💻 core/triggers: Fix typo in UI output [GH-10748]
    • core/triggers: Properly exit with abort option [GH-10824]
    • core/triggers: Ensure guest names are string when filtering trigger configs [GH-10854]
    • core/triggers: Abort after all running processes have completed when parallel is enabled [GH-10891]
    • guest/void: Fix NFS capability detection [GH-10713]
    • guest/bsd: Properly set BSD options order for /etc/exports [GH-10909]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Fix rubygems error when host has directory named c [GH-10803]
    • provider/virtualbox: Ensure non-existent machines do not attempt to list snapshots [GH-10784]
    • 🐳 provider/docker: Properly set docker-compose config file with volume names [GH-10820]
    • provisioner/ansible: Fix pip installer hardcoded curl piped to python [GH-10625]
    • ⚡️ provisioner/chef: Update chef install check for guests [GH-10917]
    • 🚚 synced_folders/rsync: Remove rsync__excludes from command if array is empty [GH-10901]