Vagrant v2.2.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-07 // 26 days ago
  • 🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🔌 core/bundler: Properly handle plugin install with available specification [GH-11592]
    • 🐳 provisioners/docker: Fix CentOS docker install and start service capabilities [GH-11581]
    • provisioners/podman: Seperate RHEL install from CentOS install [GH-11584]

Previous changes from v2.2.8


    • virtualbox/disks: Add ability to manage virtual disks for guests [GH-11349]


    • bin/vagrant: Automatically include global options within commands [GH-11473]
    • 🚀 bin/vagrant: Suppress Ruby warnings when not running pre-release version [GH-11446]
    • 🔧 communicator/ssh: Add support for configuring SSH connect timeout [GH-11533]
    • ⚡️ core: Update childprocess gem [GH-11487]
    • core: Add cli option --no-tty [GH-11414]
    • core: Overhaul call stack modifications implementation for hooks and triggers [GH-11455]
    • 🔌 core/bundler: Cache plugin solution sets to speed up startup times [GH-11363]
    • config/vm: Addbox_download_options config to specify extra download options for a box [GH-11560]
    • 👍 guest/alpine: Add ansible provisioner guest support [GH-11411]
    • ⚡️ guest/linux: Update systemd? check to use sudo [GH-11398]
    • 🐧 guest/linux: Use systemd if available to halt and reboot system [GH-11407]
    • 🐧 guests/linux: Mount smb folders with mfsymlinks option by default [GH-11503]
    • 👍 guest/redhat: Add support for SMB [GH-11463]
    • 🏁 guest/windows: Rescue all regular exceptions during reboot wait [GH-11428]
    • 🐳 providers/docker: Support catching container name when using podman [GH-11356]
    • 🐳 provisioners/docker: Support Centos8 [GH-11462]
    • provisioners/podman: Add Podman as a provisioner [GH-11472]
    • provisioners/salt: Allow specifying python_version [GH-11436]

    🐛 BUG FIXES:

    • 🏁 communicators/winssh: Fix issues with Windows SSH communicator [GH-11430]
    • core/bundler: Activate vagrant specification when not active [GH-11445]
    • 🚀 core/bundler: Properly resolve sets when Vagrant is in prerelease [GH-11571]
    • core/downloader: Always set -q flag as first option [GH-11366]
    • ⚡️ core/hooks: Update dynamic action hook implementation to prevent looping [GH-11427]
    • 🔀 core/synced_folders: Validate type option if set [GH-11359]
    • 🔧 guests/debian: Choose netplan renderer based on network configuration and installed tools [GH-11498]
    • host/darwin: Quote directories in /etc/exports [GH-11441]
    • 🐧 host/linux: Ensure /etc/exports does not contain duplicate records [GH-10591]
    • 🏁 host/windows: Check all interfaces for port conflict when host_ip: "" [GH-11454]
    • 🐳 providers/docker: Fix issue where Vagrant fails to remove image if it is in use [GH-11355]
    • 🏗 providers/docker: Fix issue with getting correct docker image id from build output [GH-11461]
    • providers/hyperv: Prevent error when identity reference cannot be translated [GH-11425]
    • provider/hyperv: Use service id for manipulating vm integration services [GH-11499]
    • 📜 providers/virtualbox: Parse list dhcpservers output on VirtualBox 6.1 [GH-11404]
    • providers/virtualbox: Raise an error if guest IP ends in .1 [GH-11500]
    • 🏁 provisioners/shell: Ensure windows shell provisioners always get an extension [GH-11517]
    • util/io: Fix encoding conversion errors [GH-11571]