Cells v3.5.1 Release Notes

    • No longer pass an explicit Proc but a versioner block to @[email protected]. Example: @cache :show do "v1" [email protected]
    • Caching.cache_key_for now uses @ActiveSupport::[email protected]. Consequently, a key which used to be like @"cells/director/count/a=1/b=2"@ now is @cells/director/count/a=1&[email protected] and so on. Be warned that this might break your home-made cache expiry.
    • Controller#expire_cell_state now expects the cell class as first arg. Example: @expire_cell_state(DirectorCell, :count)@

    🛠 h3. Bugfixes

    • Passing options to @render :[email protected] in views finally works: @render({:state => :list_item}, item, i)@