Celluloid v0.18.0.pre2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-08-28 // almost 2 years ago
    • 🚀 TODO (before 0.18.0 final): release notes

Previous changes from v0.17.3

    • #701 Conditions in loose threads loop does not take into account the difference between backtraces from ruby 2.0.0 and greater than. Fixes celluloid/celluloid-io#165. ([@TiagoCardoso1983])

    • #700 Set celluloid logger level to info by default unless debug is enabled. Fixes #667. ([@ioquatix])

    • #695 Extending the condition event handler with the block; this solves a bug introduced in jruby >, which breaks with an ArgumentError exception, apparently due to the way to_proc procs are passed arguments. Fixes #694. ([@TiagoCardoso1983])

    • #689 Simplified sync, async and future proxies by providing specific AbstractCall base. ([@ioquatix])

    • #688 Fix failure to remove dead actors from sets, e.g. celluloid-supervision. ([@ioquatix])

    • #686 Print out method name to help debugging method call which caused dead actor error. ([@ioquatix])

    • #682 Remove excess call/block require.

    • #666 Don't catch IOError.