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  • v0.18.0.pre2

    August 28, 2018
    • 🚀 TODO (before 0.18.0 final): release notes
  • v0.18.0.pre

    November 26, 2016
  • v0.17.4

    December 20, 2018
  • v0.17.3

    January 18, 2016
    • #701 Conditions in loose threads loop does not take into account the difference between backtraces from ruby 2.0.0 and greater than. Fixes celluloid/celluloid-io#165. ([@TiagoCardoso1983])

    • #700 Set celluloid logger level to info by default unless debug is enabled. Fixes #667. ([@ioquatix])

    • #695 Extending the condition event handler with the block; this solves a bug introduced in jruby >, which breaks with an ArgumentError exception, apparently due to the way to_proc procs are passed arguments. Fixes #694. ([@TiagoCardoso1983])

    • #689 Simplified sync, async and future proxies by providing specific AbstractCall base. ([@ioquatix])

    • #688 Fix failure to remove dead actors from sets, e.g. celluloid-supervision. ([@ioquatix])

    • #686 Print out method name to help debugging method call which caused dead actor error. ([@ioquatix])

    • #682 Remove excess call/block require.

    • #666 Don't catch IOError.

  • v0.17.2

    September 30, 2015
    • 🔧 Revamped test suite, using shared RSpec configuration layer provided by Celluloid itself.
    • ⚡️ Updated gem dependencies provided by Celluloid::Sync... extraneous gems removed, or marked as development dependencies.
    • 🗄 Clean up deprecation notes.
  • v0.17.1

    August 06, 2015
    • 🚚 Celluloid::ActorSystem moved to Celluloid::Actor::System, and from celluloid/actor_system.rb to celluloid/actor/system.rb
    • Added extensible API for defining new SystemEvents, and having them handled... without everyone changing Actor#handle_system_event.
    • 🗄 Deprecated Task::TerminatedError & Task::TimeoutError... Consolidated in exceptions.rb, inherited from Exceptions vs. StandardError.
    • General round-up of all "errors" emitted throughout Celluloid, to either be derived from Celluloid::Error or Celluloid::Interruption.
    • ➕ Added ability to pass a block to Condition#wait which runs a { |value| ... } type block if present, once the value is obtained by waiting.
  • v0.17.1.2

    August 21, 2015
    • 🛠 Fixes to posted markdown content.
    • Pull in new gem dependencies.
  • v0.17.1.1

    August 07, 2015
    • ⏪ Revert "no task to suspend" code from #232.
  • v0.17.0

    July 04, 2015
    • 🛠 Fix $CELLULOID_TEST warnings
    • ✅ Massive overhaul of test suite, end-to-end.
    • 🌲 Make "Terminating task" log messages debug-level events
    • ➕ Added .dead? method on actors, as opposite of .alive?
    • ➕ Added class/module method to access publish outside actors.
    • ♻️ Radical Refactor of Celluloid::InternalPool, and moved it to Celluloid::Group::Pool
    • 0️⃣ Radical Refactor: *::Group::Pool replaced as default with *::Group::Spawner
    • ➕ Added rspec-log_split as replacement logger for itemized testing logs.
    • *::Task::PooledFibers has been found and made available, and compatible ( sometimes 4x faster than even Task::Fibered )
    • GEM EXTRACTION: PoolManager taken out, and implemented in the celluloid-pool gem, separately.
    • GEM EXTRACTION: FSM taken out, and implemented in the celluloid-fsm gem, separately.
    • GEM EXTRACTION: SupervisionGroup, Supervisor, and related methods taken out, and implemented in the celluloid-supervision gem, separately.
    • 💥 BREAKING CHANGE: Added Celluloid::Internals and moved several "private" classes into that namespace:
      • CallChain, CPUCounter, Handlers ( and Handle ), Links, Logger, Method, Properties, Registry, Responses, Signals, StackDump, TaskSet, ThreadHandle, UUID.
    • 💥 BREAKING CHANGE: Changed class names, per convention:
      • Moved Celluloid::TaskFiber to Celluloid::Task::Fibered
      • Moved Celluloid::TaskThread to Celluloid::Task::Threaded
      • Moved Celluloid::EventedMailbox to Celluloid::Mailbox::Evented
      • Moved Celluloid::AbstractProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Abstract
      • Moved Celluloid::ActorProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Actor
      • Moved Celluloid::AsyncProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Async
      • Moved Celluloid::BlockProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Block
      • Moved Celluloid::CellProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Cell
      • Moved Celluloid::FutureProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Future
      • Moved Celluloid::SyncProxy to Celluloid::Proxy::Sync
    • 🌲 GEM EXTRACTION: Internals, Notifications, Probe, and the contents of logging/* have become a celluloid-essentials gem.
    • Implement Group::Manager as base for future Group::Unlocker and other such systems traversing ActorSystem#group regularly.
    • ⬇️ Reduce number of supervisors instantiated by ActorSystem by consolidating them down to Service::Root container instances.
  • v0.16.1

    August 08, 2015