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  • v0.7.2

    • Set instance variables for locals in engine instead of renderer (Thanks @geehsien)
    • Changes default JSON engine for Rails, move logic to separate class (Thanks @shmeltex)
  • v0.7.1

    • Improved renderer interface (Thanks @siong1987)
    • Pass current object into blocks (Thanks @braddunbar)
  • v0.7.0

    • Use source_format when looking up partials (Thanks @databyte)
    • Add README note about render_views (Thanks @databyte)
    • Add support for Rails 3.2+ sending custom mime types (Thanks @databyte)
    • Add option to define his own cache_engine (Thanks @shingara)
  • v0.6.14

    • Fix RSpec under Rails 3, use render_views to test output (Thanks @agibralter)
    • Fix extends allows passing in local object when root object is specified
  • v0.6.13

    • Small tweak to is_collection detection (look for each and map)
    • Adds include_child_root configuration option (Thanks @yoon)
  • v0.6.12

    • Fix view_path options for renderer (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl and @route)
    • Only escape if data exists
    • Fix default object recognition for Rails 2.3.2
    • Adds root_object method on engine (Thanks @OliverLetterer)
  • v0.6.11

    • Changes send to send (Thanks @alindeman)
    • Change object/collection checks to :map instead of :each
    • Adds support for auto-escaping attribute configuration (Thanks @databyte)
    • Adds support for configuration of view_paths (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl)
    • Fix issue with helpers caching check
  • v0.6.10

    • Fixes expected behavior with nil and collection keyword
    • Fixes multi_json to support newer form syntax (Thanks @rajatvig)
  • v0.6.9

    • Adds support for generic template rendering (Thanks @ivanvanderbyl)
    • Allow cache to be called with an explicit key (Thanks @databyte)
  • v0.6.8

    • Fix Rails 3 resolution on Ruby < 1.9.2