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  • v0.0.10 Changes

    • ➕ Added Spring.watch_method= configuration option to switch between polling and the listen gem. Previously, we used the listen gem if it was available, but this makes the option explicit. Set Spring.watch_method = :listen to use the listen gem.
    • Fallback when Process.fork is not available. In such cases, the user will not receive the speedup that Spring provides, but won't receive an error either.
    • Don't preload test_helper or spec_helper by default. This was causing people subtle problems (for example see #113) and is perhaps surprising behaviour. It may be desirable, but it depends on the application, therefore we suggest it to people in the README but no longer do it by default.
    • Don't stay connected to database in the application processes. There's no need to keep a connection open.
    • Avoid using the database in the application processes. Previously, reloading the autoloaded constants would inadvertently cause a connection to the database, which would then prevent tasks like db:create from running (because at that point the database doesn't exist)
    • ✂ Removed ability to specify list of files for a command to preload. We weren't using this any more internally, and this is easy to do by placing requires in suitable locations in the Rails boot process (which is not explained in the README).
    • 👀 Seed the random number generator on each run.
  • v0.0.9 Changes

    • ➕ Added Spring::Commands::Rake.environment_matchers for matching rake tasks to specific environments.
    • 🔒 Kill the spring server when the Gemfile or Gemfile.lock is changed. This forces a new server to boot up on the next run, which ensures that you get the correct gems (or the correct error message from bundler if you have forgotten to bundle install.)
    • 🛠 Fixed error when is used in config/spring.rb
  • v0.0.8 Changes

    • ✅ Renamed spring test to spring testunit.
    • 🚅 Implemented spring rails to replace spring [console|runner|generate].
    • config/spring.rb is only loaded in the server process, so you can require stuff from other gems there without performance implications.
    • File watcher no longer pays attention to files outside of your application root directory.
    • 👀 You can use the listen gem for less CPU intensive file watching. See README.