Thin v0.6.2 Release Notes

    • Server now let current connections finish before stopping, fixes #18
    • Fix uploading hanging bug when body is moved to a tempfile, also delete the tempfile properly upon completion, fixes #25
    • 'thin restart' now sends HUP signals rather then stopping & starting, closes #17
    • HUP signal now launches a new process with the same options.
    • Add PID and more info from the last request to the Stats adapter mostly taken from Rack::ShowException.
    • pid and log files in cluster are no longer required to be relative to the app directory (chdir option), fixes #24
    • Revert to using #each when building response headers under Ruby 1.8, solves an issue w/ Camping adapter, fixes #22
    • Restructure thin script options in 3 sections: server, daemon and cluster
    • Add --only (-o) option to control only one server of a cluster.
    • Stylize stats page and make the url configurable from the thin script.
    • Raise error if attempting to use unix sockets on windows.
    • Add example config files for usage. Include the example file using "include /path/to/thin/monit/file" in your monitrc file. The group settings let you do this to manage your clusters:

      sudo monit -g blog restart all

    There are examples of thin listening on sockets and thin listening on unix sockets.