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  • v3.6.2

  • v3.6.1

    • Fixed issue with matching Addressable::Template without a period in the domain

      Thanks to Eike Send

    • Support for write_timeout in Net::HTTP

      Thanks to Claudio Poli

    • Fixed issue with handling urls with ":80" or ":443" in the path.

      Thanks to Csaba Apagyi for reporting and to Frederick Cheung for fixing the issue.

  • v3.6.0

    • Compatibility with the latest version of hashdiff gem, with constant changed from HashDiff to Hashdiff

      Thanks to Jeff Felchner

    • Added a hint to the error message raised when with method is called without args or a block.

      Thanks to Adam Sokolnicki

    • Resetting configured HTTP method in Curb adapter after each request

      Thanks to tiendo1011

    • Added WebMock.enable_net_connect! as an alias for WebMock.allow_net_connect! and WebMock.disallow_net_connect! as an alias for WebMock.disable_net_connect!

      Thanks to SoonKhen OwYong

    • Fixed handling of empty arrays as query params when using Faraday

      Thanks to Ryan Moret

  • v3.5.1

    • Disabling TracePoint defined in Net::BufferedIO in case of exception being raised.

      Thanks to Koichi Sasada

  • v3.5.0

    • Ruby 2.6.0 support

      Thanks to Arkadiy Tetelman

    • Added WebMock.reset_executed_requests! method.

      stub_get = stub_request(:get, "")
      Net::HTTP.get('', '/')
      WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(stub_get.request_pattern)  # => 1
      WebMock::RequestRegistry.instance.times_executed(stub_get.request_pattern)  # => 0

      Thanks to Olia Kremmyda

    • Performance improvements

      Thanks to Pavel Rosický

  • v3.4.2

    • Fixed rbuf_fill in Net::HTTP adapter to be thread-safe

      Thanks to Arkadiy Tetelman

    • Fix invalid scheme error with Addressable::Template

      Thanks to Kazato Sugimoto

  • v3.4.1

    • When comparing url encoded body to a body from request stub, which was declared as hash, only String, Numeric and boolean hash values are stringified before the comparison.

      Thanks to Lukas Pokorny

  • v3.4.0

    • Ruby 2.6 support. Prevent Net/ReadTimeout error in Ruby 2.6

      Thanks to Koichi ITO

    • Handling query params, which represent nested hashes with keys starting with non word characters.

      Thanks to rapides for reporting the issue.

    • Patron adapter handles PATCH requests with body.

      Thanks to Mattia for reporting the issue.

    • Allowing requests with url encoded body to be matched by request stubs declared with hash body with non-string values.

      stub_request(:post, "").with(body: {"a" => 1, "b" => false})
   '', 'a=1&b=false', :content_type => 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded') # ===> Success

      Thanks to Kenny Ortmann for suggesting this feature.

    • When request headers contain 'Accept'=>'application/json' and no registered stub matches the request, WebMock prints a suggested stub code with to_return body set to '{}'.

      Thanks to redbar0n

      • 👌 Improved suggested stub output when the request stub only contains headers declaration.

      Thanks to Olia Kremmyda

      • 🛠 Fixed Curb adapter to handle reset method.

      Thanks tp dinhhuydh for reporting the issue. Thanks to Olia Kremmyda for fixing it.

  • v3.3.0

    • Better formatting of outputted request stub snippets, displayed on failures due to unstubbed requests.

      Thanks to Olia Kremmyda

  • v3.2.1