38 Abstraction gems and projects

  • Trailblazer

    8.5 5.1 L5 Ruby
    The advanced business logic framework for Ruby.
  • Interactor

    8.4 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Interactor provides a common interface for performing complex user interactions.
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  • wisper

    8.3 2.0 Ruby
    A micro library providing Ruby objects with Publish-Subscribe capabilities
  • Cells

    8.3 0.0 L5 Ruby
    View components for Ruby and Rails.
  • Responders

    7.6 3.8 L2 Ruby
    A set of Rails responders to dry up your application
  • ActiveInteraction

    7.5 3.4 L5 Ruby
    :briefcase: Manage application specific business logic.
  • Decent Exposure

    7.2 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A helper for creating declarative interfaces in controllers
  • Rails Event Store

    6.5 9.5 Ruby
    A Ruby implementation of an Event Store based on Active Record
  • Mutations

    6.5 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Compose your business logic into commands that sanitize and validate input.
  • dry-types

    5.9 6.9 L5 Ruby
    Flexible type system for Ruby with coercions and constraints
  • Light Service

    5.4 0.6 L5 Ruby
    Series of Actions with an emphasis on simplicity.
  • Amoeba

    5.3 5.0 Ruby
    A ruby gem to allow the copying of ActiveRecord objects and their associated children, configurable with a DSL on the model
  • Inline SVG

    5.1 5.6 Ruby
    Embed SVG documents in your Rails views and style them with CSS
  • Apotomo

    5.1 0.0 L5 Ruby
    MVC Components for Rails.
  • SimpleCommand

    5.0 0.0 Ruby
    A simple, standardized way to build and use Service Objects (aka Commands) in Ruby
  • Rectify

    4.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Build maintainable Rails apps
  • Sequent

    4.8 9.0 Ruby
    CQRS & event sourcing framework for Ruby
  • Waterfall

    4.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A slice of functional programming to chain ruby services and blocks, thus providing a new approach to flow control. Make them flow!
  • u-service

    4.5 3.1 Ruby
    Represent use cases in a simple and powerful way while writing modular, expressive and sequentially logical code.
  • dry-transaction

    4.5 6.4 Ruby
    Business transaction DSL
  • Clowne

    3.4 4.5 Ruby
    A flexible gem for cloning models
  • Surrounded

    3.0 2.0 L5 Ruby
    Create encapsulated systems of objects and focus on their interactions
  • PageletRails

    2.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Improve perceived performance of your rails application with minimum effort
  • Smart Init - Simple service objects in Ruby

    2.5 2.0 Ruby
    A simple gem for eliminating Ruby initializers boilerplate code, and providing unified service objects API
  • Setsy

    2.4 0.0 Ruby
    Settings for classes backed by a database with defaults.
  • Rocketman

    2.3 0.0 Ruby
    ๐Ÿš€ Rocketman help build event-based/pub-sub code in Ruby
  • SuperModule

    2.3 0.0 Ruby
    SuperModule allows defining class methods and method invocations the same way a super class does without using def included(base). This also succeeds ActiveSupport::Concern by offering lighter syntax
  • skinny_controllers

    2.1 0.0 L5 Ruby
    A pattern for allowing for easier testing of large projects' business logic
  • Pathway

    1.7 3.0 Ruby
    Define your business logic in simple steps
  • Strategic

    1.5 3.8 Ruby
    Strategic - Painless Strategy Pattern in Ruby and Rails
  • SolidService

    1.3 5.1 Ruby
    A servcie pattern with a simple API
  • Invokable

    1.3 2.5 Ruby
    Objects are functions! Treat any Object or Class as a Proc (like Enumerable but for Procs).
  • Astronoby

    1.1 6.4 Ruby
    Ruby library based on astrometry books
  • Lionshare

    0.8 0.0 Ruby
    A Ruby interface to the Lionshare API (cryptocurrency prices)
  • EasilyTypable

    0.6 0.0 Ruby
    Ruby module that facilitates English-like type checking in an inheritance hierarchy via "type_name?" methods
  • grpc_serializer

    0.3 1.5 Ruby
    A simple library to encode nested hash to grpc object and vice versa
  • simple_active_link_to

    0.1 0.0 Ruby
    Simple rails view helper to manage "active" state of a link
  • dry-rb

    dry-rb is a collection of next-generation Ruby libraries, each intended to encapsulate a common task.

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