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Data Persistence gems

Showing projects tagged as Data Persistence

  • Sequel

    9.2 8.4 L1 Ruby
    Sequel is a simple, flexible, and powerful SQL database access toolkit for Ruby.
  • mysql2

    8.1 2.2 L5 Ruby
    A modern, simple and very fast Mysql library for Ruby (binding to libmysql).
  • Redis-Objects

    7.6 0.3 L3 Ruby
    Redis Objects provides a Rubyish interface to Redis, by mapping Redis data types to Ruby objects, via a thin layer over the redis gem.
  • ROM

    7.5 7.7 L4 Ruby
    Ruby Object Mapper (ROM) is an experimental Ruby library with the goal to provide powerful object mapping capabilities without limiting the full power of your datastore.
  • smarter_csv

    6.3 2.5 L5 Ruby
    Ruby Gem for smarter importing of CSV Files as Array(s) of Hashes.
  • SQLite3

    5.5 0.7 L4 Ruby
    Ruby bindings for the SQLite3 embedded database.
  • ActiveImporter

    3.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Define importers that load tabular data from spreadsheets or CSV files into any ActiveRecord-like ORM.
  • Perpetuity

    3.1 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Persistence gem for Ruby objects using the Data Mapper pattern.
  • QuickStore

    0.2 1.5 Ruby
    Simple local key-value store based on YAML::Store.
  • ActiveRecord

    0.1 -
    Object-relational mapping in Rails.