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  • PgHero

    9.2 8.2 L4 Ruby
    Postgres insights made easy.
  • Blazer

    8.4 7.5 Ruby
    Open source business intelligence
  • Database Cleaner

    8.4 5.7 L5 Ruby
    Database Cleaner is a set of strategies for cleaning your database in Ruby.
  • Scenic

    8.0 3.5 L5 Ruby
    Versioned database views for Rails.
  • Large Hadron Migrator

    7.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Online MySQL schema migrations without locking the table.
  • Seed dump

    6.9 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Rails 4 task to dump (parts) of your database to db/seeds.rb.
  • Foreigner

    6.6 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Adds foreign key helpers to migrations and correctly dumps foreign keys to schema.rb.
  • Rails DB

    6.5 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    Database Viewer and SQL Query Runner.
  • Seed Fu

    6.4 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Advanced seed data handling for Rails.
  • Lol DBA

    6.3 1.9 L5 Ruby
    Scan your models and displays a list of columns that probably should be indexed.
  • Squasher

    6.2 0.0 Ruby
    Squash your old migrations in a single command
  • Seedbank

    6.0 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Seedbank allows you to structure your Rails seed data instead of having it all dumped into one large file.
  • SchemaPlus

    5.3 0.0 L4 Ruby
    SchemaPlus provides a collection of enhancements and extensions to ActiveRecord
  • BatchLoader

    5.3 1.0 Ruby
    ⚡️ Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries
  • ActiveRecordExtended

    5.2 5.9 Ruby
    Take querying your Postgres database to the next level.
  • Polo

    5.2 0.4 L5 Ruby
    Creates sample database snapshots to work with real world data in development.
  • Upsert

    5.0 0.2 L5 Ruby
    Upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates functions (UDF) for MySQL and PostgreSQL; on SQLite3, uses INSERT OR IGNORE.
  • DatabaseValidations

    4.4 3.9 Ruby
    Database validations for ActiveRecord
  • SecondBase

    4.0 0.0 L5 Ruby
    Seamless second database integration for Rails. SecondBase provides support for Rails to manage dual databases by extending ActiveRecord tasks that create, migrate, and test your application.
  • DatabaseConsistency

    3.7 5.7 Ruby
    The tool to find inconsistency between models schema and database constraints.
  • Hightop

    3.7 4.9 Ruby
    A nice shortcut for group count queries
  • Forest Admin

    3.4 6.6 Ruby
    🌱 Official Rails Liana for Forest Admin
  • QueryTrack

    2.8 2.5 Ruby
    Tool for finding time-consuming database queries for ActiveRecord-based Rails Apps. Provides Slack notifications for with backtrace, raw SQL, time duration, etc.
  • Shiba

    2.8 0.0 Ruby
    Catching bad SQL queries before your customers do
  • Redis Dashboard

    2.1 0.4 Ruby
    Sinatra app to monitor Redis servers.
  • Avo

    1.8 9.3 Ruby
    Configuration-based, no-maintenance, extendable Ruby on Rails admin
  • Ruby PG Extras

    1.5 3.5 Ruby
    Ruby PostgreSQL database performance insights. Locks, index usage, buffer cache hit ratios, vacuum stats and more.
  • Nullalign

    1.3 0.0 Ruby
    Finds missing non-null constraints
  • PgDriveBackup

    1.0 0.0 Ruby
    Simple solution to make encrypted with ccrypt PostgreSQL backups and storing on Google Drive API
  • PgDice

    0.8 1.0 Ruby
    Postgres table partitioning with a Ruby API built on top of