Efficient, immutable, and thread-safe collection classes for Ruby.

Hamster provides 6 Persistent Data Structures: Hash, Vector, Set, SortedSet, List, and Deque (which works as an immutable queue or stack).

Hamster collections are immutable. Whenever you modify a Hamster collection, the original is preserved and a modified copy is returned. This makes them inherently thread-safe and shareable. At the same time, they remain CPU and memory-efficient by sharing between copies.

While Hamster collections are immutable, you can still mutate objects stored in them. We recommend that you don't do this, unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Hamster collections are thread-safe and can be freely shared between threads, but you are responsible for making sure that the objects stored in them are used in a thread-safe manner.

Hamster collections are almost always closed under a given operation. That is, whereas Ruby's collection methods always return arrays, Hamster collections will return an instance of the same class wherever possible.

Where possible, Hamster collections offer an interface compatible with Ruby's built-in Hash, Array, and Enumerable, to ease code migration. Also, Hamster methods accept regular Ruby collections as arguments, so code which uses Hamster can easily interoperate with your other Ruby code.

And lastly, Hamster lists are lazy, making it possible to (among other things) process "infinitely large" lists.

Code Quality Rank: L5
Monthly Downloads: 80,741
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License

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