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  • v5.15.0 Changes

    December 14, 2021
    • 1 major enhancement:

      • assert_throws returns the value returned, if any. (volmer)
    • 3 minor enhancements:

      • Added -S option to skip reporting of certain types of output
      • Enable Ruby deprecation warnings by default. (casperisfine)
      • Use Etc.nprocessors by default in order to maximize cpu usage. (tonytonyjan)
    • ๐Ÿ›  6 bug fixes:

      • Close then unlink tempfiles on Windows. (nobu)
      • Fixed #skip_until for windows paths. (MSP-Greg)
      • Fixed a bunch of tests for jruby and windows. (MSP-Greg)
      • Fixed marshalling of specs if they error. (tenderlove, jeremyevans, et al)
      • Updated deprecation message for block expectations. (blowmage)
      • Use Kernel.warn directly in expectations in case CUT defines their own warn. (firien)
  • v5.14.4 Changes

    February 23, 2021
    • 1 bug fix:

      • Fixed deprecation warning using stub with methods using keyword arguments. (Nakilon)
  • v5.14.3 Changes

    January 05, 2021
    • 1 bug fix:

      • Bumped require_ruby_version to < 4 (trunk = 3.1).
  • v5.14.2 Changes

    August 31, 2020
    • 1 bug fix:

      • Bumped ruby version to include 3.0 (trunk).
  • v5.14.1 Changes

    May 15, 2020
    • 3 minor enhancements:

      • Minitest.filter_backtrace returns original backtrace if filter comes back empty.
      • Minitest::BacktraceFilter now returns entire backtrace if $MT_DEBUG set in env.
      • Return true on a successful refute. (jusleg)
    • 1 bug fix:

      • Fixed expectation doco to not use global expectations.
  • v5.14.0 Changes

    January 11, 2020
    • 2 minor enhancements:

      • Block-assertions (eg assert_output) now error if raised inside the block. (casperisfine)
      • Changed assert_raises to only catch Assertion since that covers Skip and friends.
    • ๐Ÿ›  3 bug fixes:

      • Added example for value wrapper with block to Expectations module. (stomar)
      • Fixed use of must/wont_be_within_delta on Expectation instance. (stomar)
      • Renamed UnexpectedError#exception to #error to avoid problems with reraising. (casperisfine)
  • v5.13.0 Changes

    October 29, 2019
    • 9 minor enhancements:

      • Added Minitest::Guard#osx?
      • Added examples to documentation for assert_raises. (lxxxvi)
      • Added expectations #path_must_exist and #path_wont_exist. Not thrilled with the names.
      • Added fail_after(year, month, day, msg) to allow time-bombing after a deadline.
      • Added skip_until(year, month, day, msg) to allow deferring until a deadline.
      • Deprecated Minitest::Guard#maglev?
      • Deprecated Minitest::Guard#rubinius?
      • Finally added assert_path_exists and refute_path_exists. (deivid-rodriguez)
      • Refactored and pulled Assertions#things_to_diff out of #diff. (BurdetteLamar)
    • ๐Ÿ›  3 bug fixes:

      • Fix autorun bug that affects fork exit status in tests. (dylanahsmith/jhawthorn)
      • Improved documentation for _/value/expect, especially for blocks. (svoop)
      • Support new Proc#to_s format. (ko1)
  • v5.12.2 Changes

    September 28, 2019
    • 1 bug fix:

      • After chatting w/ @y-yagi and others, decided to lower support to include ruby 2.2.
  • v5.12.1 Changes

    September 28, 2019
    • 1 minor enhancement:

      • Added documentation for Reporter classes. (sshaw)
    • ๐Ÿ›  3 bug fixes:

      • Avoid using 'match?' to support older ruby versions. (y-yagi)
      • Fixed broken link to reference on goodness-of-fit testing. (havenwood)
      • Update requirements in readme and Rakefile/hoe spec.
  • v5.12.0 Changes

    September 22, 2019
    • 8 minor enhancements:

      • Added a descriptive error if assert_output or assert_raises called without a block. (okuramasafumi)
      • Changed mu_pp_for_diff to make having both \n and \n easier to debug.
      • Deprecated $N for specifying number of parallel test runners. Use MT_CPU.
      • Deprecated use of global expectations. To be removed from MT6.
      • Extended Assertions#mu_pp to encoding validity output for strings to improve diffs.
      • Extended Assertions#mu_pp to output encoding and validity if invalid to improve diffs.
      • Extended Assertions#mu_pp_for_diff to make escaped newlines more obvious in diffs.
      • Fail gracefully when expectation used outside of it.
    • ๐Ÿ›  3 bug fixes:

      • Check option[:filter] klass before match. Fixes 2.6 warning. (y-yagi)
      • Fixed Assertions#diff from recalculating if set to nil
      • Fixed spec section of readme to not use deprecated global expectations. (CheezItMan)