Vagrant v1.9.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-04-24 // over 5 years ago
  • ๐Ÿ”‹ FEATURES:

    • command/validate: Add Vagrantfile validation command [GH-8264, GH-8151]
    • communicators/winssh: Add WinSSH communicator for Win32-OpenSSH [GH-8485]
    • provider/hyperv: Support integration services configuration [GH-8379, GH-8378]


    • core: Update internal dependencies [GH-8329, GH-8456]
    • core/bundler: Warn when plugin require fails instead of generating hard failure [GH-8400, GH-8392]
    • core/bundler: Error when configured plugin sources are unavailable [GH-8442]
    • guests/elementary: Add support for new guest "Elementary OS" [GH-8472]
    • guests/esxi: Add public_key capability [GH-8310]
    • guests/freebsd: Add chef_install and chef_installed? capabilities [GH-8443]
    • guests/gentoo: Add support for systemd in network configuration [GH-8407, GH-8406]
    • guests/windows: Support mounting synced folders via SSH on windows [GH-7425, GH-6220]
    • hosts/windows: Improve user permission detection [GH-7797]
    • provider/docker: Improve IP and port detection [GH-7840, GH-7651]
    • provider/docker: Do not force docker host VM on Darwin or Windows [GH-8437, GH-7895]
    • provisioners/ansible_local: Add pip_args option to define additional parameters when installing Ansible via pip [GH-8170, GH-8405]
    • provisioners/ansible_local: Add :pip_args_only install mode to allow full custom pip installations [GH-8405]
    • provisioners/salt: Update minion version installed to 2016.11.3 [GH-8448]

    ๐Ÿ› BUG FIXES:

    • command/box: Remove extraneous sort from box list prior to display [GH-8422]
    • command/box: Properly handle local paths with spaces for box add [GH-8503, GH-6825]
    • command/up: Prevent other provider installation when explicitly defined [GH-8393, GH-8389]
    • communicators/ssh: Do not yield empty output data [GH-8495, GH-8259]
    • core: Provide fallback and retry when is unavailable during port check [GH-8399, GH-8395]
    • core: Support port checker methods that do not expect inclusion of host_ip [GH-8497, GH-8423]
    • core/bundler: Check if source is local path and prevent addition to remote sources [GH-8401]
    • core/ui: Prevent deadlock detection errors [GH-8414, GH-8125]
    • guests/debian: Remove hardcoded device name in interface template [GH-8336, GH-7960]
    • guests/linux: Fix SMB mount capability [GH-8410, GH-8404]
    • hosts/windows: Fix issues with Windows encoding [GH-8385, GH-8380, GH-8212, GH-8207, GH-7516]
    • hosts/windows: Fix UNC path generation when UNC path is provided [GH-8504]
    • provisioners/salt: Allow Salt version to match 2 digit month [GH-8428]
    • provisioners/shell: Properly handle remote paths on Windows that include spaces [GH-8498, GH-7234]