Ramaze is a very simple and straight-forward web-framework. The philosophy of it could be expressed in a mix of KISS and POLS, trying to make simple things simple and complex things possible.

This of course is nothing new to anyone who knows some Ruby, but is often forgotten in a chase for new functionality and features. Ramaze only tries to give you the ultimate tools, but you have to use them yourself to achieve perfect custom-tailored results.

Another one of the goals during development of Ramaze was to make every part as modular and therefore reusable as possible, not only to provide a basic understanding after the first glance, but also to make it as simple as possible to reuse parts of the code.

The original purpose of Ramaze was to act as a kind of framework to build web-frameworks, this was made obsolete by the introduction of Rack, which provides this feature at a better level without trying to enforce any structural layout of the resulting framework.

Today Ramaze serves as a framework for those who want to develop their projects in their own way rather than being forced to work in a way that the framework (and its creators) define. It tries not to make any assumptions and more importantly: it puts you back in control of your code. An example of this is the default file structure of new Ramaze projects. Out of the box a new project uses the MVC pattern. The cool thing about Ramaze however is that you're not forced to use this pattern. If you prefer HMVC, PAC or something else you can simply apply it. Another example is the use of a database toolkit. Ramaze does not ship with one for a very simple reason: nobody likes the same toolkit. Some people prefer Sequel, others use Datamapper. With Ramaze you can use any tool you like.

Installing Ramaze is as easy as the following command:

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