React on Rails integrates Rails with (server rendering of) Facebook's React front-end framework.

Features and Why React on Rails? Given that rails/webpacker gem already provides basic React integration, why would you use "React on Rails"? Server rendering, often used for SEO and performance, is not offered by rails/webpacker.

* The easy passing of props directly from your Rails view to your React components rather than having your Rails view load and then make a separate 1request to your API. * Redux and React Router integration. * Internationalization (I18n) and (localization) * RSpec Test Helpers Configuration to ensure your Webpack bundles are ready for tests. * A supportive community. This web search shows how live public sites are using React on Rails. * Reason ML Support

Monthly Downloads: 157,279
Programming language: Ruby
License: MIT License
Tags: Web Frameworks     Web Apps     Web App Frameworks     React     Webpack     Node    

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