The Most Popular Ruby gems
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  • ActsAsList

    Provides the capabilities for sorting and reordering a number of objects in a list.
  • Helix

    7.3 2.1 Core Extensions
    Helix allows you to write Ruby classes in Rust without having to write the glue code yourself.
  • Rails Bootstrap Forms

    7.3 4.7 L5 Form Builder
    Rails form builder that makes it super easy to create beautiful-looking forms with Twitter Bootstrap 3+.
  • Rpush

    7.3 7.8 L5 Mobile Development
    The push notification service for Ruby which supports Apple Push Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging, Amazon Device Messaging and Windows Phone Push Notification Service.
  • twilio-ruby

    7.3 8.0 L5 Third-party APIs
    A module for using the Twilio REST API and generating valid TwiML.
  • Slanger

    7.3 0.0 L5 WebSocket
    Open Pusher implementation compatible with Pusher libraries.
  • Roar

    7.3 0.9 L5 API Builder
    Resource-Oriented Architectures in Ruby.
  • New Relic

    Find and fix Ruby errors with New Relic application monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Centurion

    7.2 4.8 L5 DevOps Tools
    A mass deployment tool for Docker fleets.
  • Gosu

    7.3 6.6 L2 Game Development
    A 2D game development library for the Ruby and C++ programming languages.
  • RailRoady

    7.3 0.0 L5 Data Visualization
    Ruby on Rails 3/4 model and controller UML class diagram generator.
  • Sanitize

    7.2 4.4 Template Engine
    Whitelist-based Ruby HTML and CSS sanitizer.
  • redis-store

    7.2 5.2 L5 Caching
    Redis Store provides a full set of stores (Cache, I18n, Session, HTTP Cache) for modern Ruby frameworks like: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Rack::Cache and I18n. It supports object marshalling, timeouts, single or multiple nodes, and namespaces.
  • ROR Ecommerce

    A Rails e-commerce platform.
  • Responders

    7.1 6.8 L2 Abstraction
    A set of Rails responders to dry up your application.
  • SQL Server

    7.2 2.0 L4 Database Drivers
    The SQL Server adapter for ActiveRecord.
  • Rubber

    7.2 0.0 L5 DevOps Tools
    The rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails applications to Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
  • Derailed Benchmarks

    7.1 3.2 L5 Benchmark
    A series of things you can use to benchmark any Rack based app.
  • stripe-ruby

    Stripe Ruby bindings.
  • Workflow

    7.2 4.8 L5 State Machines
    A finite-state-machine-inspired API for modeling and interacting with what we tend to refer to as 'workflow'.
  • Upton

    7.1 2.2 L5 Web Crawling
    A batteries-included framework for easy web-scraping.
  • RailsConfig

    7.2 7.1 L5 Configuration
    Multi-environment yaml settings for Rails3.
  • Que

    7.1 6.1 L5 Queue
    A Ruby job queue that uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.
  • ruby-install

    Installs Ruby, JRuby, Rubinius, MagLev or MRuby.
  • Artoo

    7.1 0.0 L5 Robotics
    Next generation robotics framework with support for different platforms: Arduino, Leap Motion, Pebble, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Lita

    7.1 4.7 L5 DevOps Tools
    ChatOps for Ruby: A pluggable chat bot framework usable with any chat service.
  • ActiveRecord Reputation System

    An Active Record Reputation System for Rails.
  • Clockwork

    6.9 2.5 Scheduling
    Clockwork is a cron replacement. It runs as a lightweight, long-running Ruby process which sits alongside your web processes (Mongrel/Thin) and your worker processes (DJ/Resque/Minion/Stalker) to schedule recurring work at particular times or dates.
  • Hamster

    6.9 3.1 L5 Core Extensions
    Efficient, immutable, and thread-safe collection classes for Ruby.
  • Vanity

    7.0 4.6 L4 A/B Testing
    an A/B testing framework for Rails that is datastore agnostic.

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